Women’s Mexican Costumes

Women’s Mexican Costumes

With so many people having Mexican themed parties and fiestas these days some times it can be daunting with what to wear.

We all want to look good at a costume party and try to avoid wearing the same costume as someone else. In this article we are going to take a look at available women’s Mexican costumes on the market today and which ones will win you best dressed and which ones to avoid like a reheated burrito.

Female Mexican Costumes & Dresses Womens

As you can see from the image above there are many different options as a female. Whether the theme is Spanish/Mexican/Fiesta/South Of the Border/Wild Wild West or Saloon we have some Mexican female costume ideas that will not only be impressive, but also sexy and over all good fun to wear on the night and no doubt a great talking piece.


First off and most importantly before you purchase any costume, make sure you have checked the expected weather and venue where the party or event is, because obviously some costumes will not be appropriate. We will start with the Sexy Mexican tequila girl costume.

It includes a straw sombrero, white frilly blouse,  tequila shot holder holster belt, green Mexican flag skirt and here is accessorised with a saltillo style patterned scarf that can also be worn around your neck if it gets colder. We recommend to wear some cowboy style boots with this costume and obviously to stock up on some quality tequila (if you’re adventurous maybe even some with worms or a scorpion in the bottle).

Now be warned this women’s mexican costume is going to have people hassling you all night for shots of tequila – which is perfect as long as you remember the old rule of 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor. That’s right stop at 3 if you can, otherwise have a great night, that if nothing else will be remembered well with some excellent photos of this great female costume. We have gone ahead and found the best prices of where you can shop it directly below for your upcoming event.


Next up is a classic women’s mexican costume, it’s the senoritas Mexican flamenco dress costume. This is versatile to many different themes; whether its Spanish, salsa or even a latin themed party this dress is bound to turn heads. We recommend finding one thats red, frilly and has a nice angled cut to the dress. Wear your hear up, some sexy red lipstick and accessorise with either a fan or rose in the mouth for this one and we guarantee it will be a crowd pleaser at your next dress up party. This can also be an easier alternative if you do not want to go out and rent/buy a costume as often you can just pick up sfome material from your local craft store and make something similar, especially if you are willing to part with an old formal dress and cut a nice angle up to the hip line in it.

Otherwise you can pick up a similar costume (without the shoes) on eBay or your local dress/costume specialist. We strongly recommend scrubbing up on your salsa and flamenco dancing skills before rocking this one out if there is a dance-floor.


Mexican-Poncho-Female-Womens-CostumeThird up is the people’s favourite costume; the classic Mexican women’s poncho. No not the designer shoal kind of poncho that you see Kim Kardashian or Kate Hudson walking down the street in with their chihuahua’s along side, but the classic unisex, one size fits all, South American looking poncho. They are comfortable, can be worn over anything, stylish, unique and best of all they are really affordable. You can take a look at our online store or simply click the poncho image to the left if you want to take a look at our huge range of ponchos. We recommend that you also accessorise this mexican women costumes with a fancy sombrero, some boots & even a gun holster belt or spurs if you are wanting to pull off the Mexican bandit costume look.




Lastly we would like to take a look at probably one of the funnest costumes to wear out. You will usually see them at Mexican festivals (Day of the Dead etc) and that is the ladies Mexican fiesta costume. This of course includes finding a fancy frilly dress (the one pictured to the left has a red hot chilli pepper pattern) with tassels, some stocking, some dancing shoes, big loop earrings, some maracas and some kind of fascinator for your hair (the costume to the left is a Mexican flower). This costume is very common to find at your local costume store for rent and is also available quite cheaply on eBay however make sure you check the details to make sure that it comes with the maracas. This is also a fancy dress costume that we recommend you wear if you plan on spending a large amount of time on the dance floor. We have a link to a video here of where you can brush up on your Mexican style dance routines.