Wild West Costume Ideas

Wild West Costume Ideas

Are you or your friends having a Wild West themed party and you’re not sure where to begin? Well you have come to the right place.

Wild west themed costume ideas

The Wild West – otherwise known as the old west or the American Frontier refers to a time in American History when Sheriffs and Bounty-Hunters ruled over the land, chasing no-good Cowboys & Indians out of there Saloons. A time of gun duels, quick draw contests, bank robberies, train robberies and stage coach robberies – at least that’s what the cinema would have us believe.

Today we try and relive these classic times by having Wild West Parties with our friends. We have put together some classic ideas that might help you select a costume or enjoyable activities for your Wild West Party.

First Off we would recommend you decide on what you are going to wear. The obvious options are:

  • Cowboy costume
  • Poncho costume
  • American Indian costume
  • Sheriff costume
  • Bandit costume
  • Bounty-hunter costume
  • Outlaw costume
  • Slave costume

but how do you actually go about pulling off one of these costumes and impressing your friends with an authentic looking costume?

We recommend you look to either rent or download some of the classic western movies to begin with so you have an idea of what the times and fashion were like at the time. Some good starting points would be any John Wayne movie, Clint Eastwood movie such as The Good The Bad and The Ugly or maybe even a lighter movie such as The Three Amigos. This will help you to see some of the other characters that were around during this period of time and maybe come up with a completely original costume idea as well as to get to know the way they speak, dress, drink and party. Get to know the wild west lingo and it will help make for a better wild west party.

Three Amigos hat, jackets and pants

Looking for a great costume idea for a wild west party? Why not go as the three amigos.

Also think of some original ideas that you could wear to the party. Maybe you could find a cactus costume or a horse costume, you could make up a ace of spades costume if you want. The ideas are endless.

Once you have decided on your costume, next you need to accessorize. If you’re a cowboy this may mean finding some cowboy spurs, a gun holster or even a pretend gun to add to the authenticity. You might be dressing as a Sheriff and want that authentic looking pocket watch from the wild west period or if you are going all out and dressing as a bandit maybe you want to organise some make-up scars that look authentic.

Next you will want to decide on ideas to turn your party space in to the American Frontier. If it’s not your party – thankfully you will not have to worry about this, but if you are hosting the party here are a few ideas:

  • Purchase some inflatable cactus plants or horses
  • Purchase a backdrop of an old western saloon
  • Create some tumbleweed
  • Find some old whisky bottles and horse-shoes to display about
  • Maybe you have an old piano about that you can use to create that real saloon feel
  • Go all out and change your front door to a saloon style swinging door
  • Find some classic western music (Ennio Morricone)
  • Set up a taco stand

Lastly is what to actually do at the party besides mingle if you really want to make it a unique and interesting wild western party. Try playing some games from that period, here are some possible ideas:

  • Have a quick-draw contest (with shots not guns)
  • Play a game of horse-shoe toss
  • Play five finger fillet (with a fake knife)
  • Have a game of poker
  • A good old fashion western arm-wrestle contest
  • Table top dancing

If you combine all the above you should be able to have a great night and no longer be stuck for ideas at your wild west party. Of course if you are still stuck feel free to contact us for some further wild west costume ideas as we are all about reliving the old west at Mexican Poncho.