Why Every Woman Should Own a Poncho

Why Every Woman Should Own a Poncho

Style is a matter of personal taste

But there are some classics that work well for any woman’s wardrobe. The trusty poncho is just such an item, and this article is all about why every woman should own a poncho.


From fringed festival-style to lightweight boho to luxurious womens poncho cape, the poncho comes in a wide range of looks for all the seasons. It’s not just a summer festival staple – although of course there’s good reasons that it’s a favourite for Coachella or Glastonbury! Ponchos are cosy and comfortable, which is something every woman will appreciate. A wardrobe staple should be both beautiful and wearable, and ponchos for women are as comfortable to wear as it’s timelessly stylish.


The poncho is inspired by traditional South American clothing.

Almost blanket-like, the poncho works well in rich colours and luxurious fabrics. It’s the perfect piece for layering and providing an elegant but unique warm cover-up. The poncho’s wide sleeves and draped fabric make it the perfect choice for Spring through until Autumn, and with the right styling, it can be either casual or glamorous, colourful or tastefully muted.


It’s a garment with a rich style history in the cinema, too. Clint Eastwood bought one himself for his character in the classic Western “A Fistful of Dollars” and styled it with black Levi’s jeans for an iconic look. The film’s director Sergio Leone apparently liked the poncho so much that he re-used it for Eastwood’s characters in both “For a Few Dollars More” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. Borrowing style from the bad boys is a timeless trick for too-cool style for women.  And as with any item of clothing also worn by the boys, you know that comfort as well as style is guaranteed.


There are many ways to work a poncho into your outfit. For example, a poncho can be a fab way to add colour and pattern to an otherwise simple or neutral outfit. Alternatively, you can match a more specific style of poncho to a particular look, such as a checked poncho with brogues, knitwear and denim for a preppy Seventies geek chic.


Ponchos look beautiful paired with a streamlined outfit. As a poncho is often quite a large amount of fabric, they look great balanced out with a slimline look underneath. Think a fitted tee with skinny jeans and a close-fit boot, or slim trousers and heels to balance the volume of the poncho.


One fantastic way to wear a poncho is take inspiration from the classic Western movies look, and wear your poncho with an all-black outfit. Try a figure-skimming black top, black skinny jeans, black boots and your favourite long or statement necklace. Then, top it off with a poncho. Try a muted woollen poncho for a chic, elegant and cosy style. It can be a womens poncho sweater or a womens poncho wrap.


In the summer, a lightweight poncho in bright tones with denim shorts, strappy sandals and a soft white tee makes for a gorgeously laid-back look. Or why not add tights under the shorts for a similar look in cooler weather? On rainier days, a poncho with a hood can be paired with bright rain boots for a cute – and dry – combination.


A poncho can also work well over a lightweight dress, particularly in a mini length if you’re confident about your legs (and if not, there’s always the tights option with a skirt too). A strappy slip dress with a poncho over the top makes for an ideal pairing of delicate and oversized, particularly if you add some chunky ankle boots. As with all the outfits mentioned, the key is balancing the proportions of the poncho with the right mix of chunky and delicate.


For an elegant, grown-up look, choose a poncho in earthy tones or even pastel shades, and pair it with a crisp white top and neat tailored trousers. To make your outfit more fitted and tailored, you can add a wide chunky leather belt nipping in the poncho over the waist. Or for old-school elegance, a cream turtleneck under a poncho looks just the right amount of neat and proper.


Finally, if you’re in the mood to seriously channel your inner boho goddess, wear your womans mexican costume with flared jeans, an embroidered vest, and a floppy hat. You’ll feel like a million dollars with true sunny summer festival style!


The poncho’s versatility means that it’s the perfect item to add warmth and colour to a wide range of outfits. The ability to wear a poncho in such a wide range of ways makes it a sound investment for your wardrobe. Whether paired with denim, with workwear, with a delicate dress, with heels or sandals or chunky ankle boots, the poncho adds unique style and flair throughout a modern woman’s wardrobe.