Where to buy that poncho

Where to buy that poncho

If you needed a new sports jacket you would probably visit a sports store, it’s a no brainer – but where to go if you are looking to buy a poncho? No we are not talking about an emergency poncho for when it’s raining at the football (cut up a garbage bag if you want one of those) but rather a quality poncho that you have probably eyed off in a particular movie or television show, and like all good things have decided ‘I need one of those’. Well thankfully we have done the hard work for you and tracked down every popular mexican style poncho that was ever worn by someone on your TV screen.

Presenting to you; Where to buy ‘that’ poncho/mexican poncho.

The infamous The Mighty Boosh Poncho:

where to buy mighty boosh poncho costumeIn episode 6 of season 1 ‘Charlie’, both Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) can be seen famously wearing ponchos. The line “it’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho” is an absolute classic from this great series, but just where can I buy The Mighty Boosh poncho? Well for starters you won’t find anyone or any store online selling a replica of it, they just don’t exist unfortunately. Recently on our trip to Mexico though we were able to track down a very similar style poncho that would definitely make do if you wanted to dress as Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh at an upcoming BBC themed party.



The Mighty Boosh Replica Poncho Costume Buy Vince

Replica of Vince’s Mighty Boosh poncho. Mexico City.

It was at the markets in Mexico City that we spotted a replica of his poncho and you can see the attached photo of the poncho we are talking about to the left. It was made of wool and 900 pesos in price, although we do not stock this exact poncho in our online store all the time we do have the ability to source it. Feel free to contact us if you want to buy this Mighty Boosh poncho for an upcoming costume party and we will do our best to order it for you in time. Otherwise browse our online Mexican Poncho store here where we have a number of similar ponchos to the one worn by Vince in The Mighty Boosh as well as that Sombrero to complete the costume.




Daryl Dixon’s The Walking Dead Poncho:

The Walking Dead Poncho Daryl DixonDaryl Dixon as played by Norman Reedus in Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead series can famously be seen wearing a poncho several times through out The Walking Dead series, generally whenever he is not wearing his angel wings leather biker vest. The poncho is of course not the only poncho featured in the series, there is also Michonne’s hooded poncho cloak that she wears back in her earlier episodes. However it is Daryl’s poncho that caught our eye. It is not only worn by Daryl but also features in later episodes *spoiler alert if you

Maggie The Walking Dead Poncho

haven’t watched all of season 4* when it is worn by Maggie when she is reunited with Glenn and co. Then is further worn by an unknown female in Terminus in the season 4 finale (see picture below).

Daryl Dixon's poncho Terminus The Walking Dead

So it definitely features quite regularly and short of Rick’s sheriffs hat is probably the coolest costume item in the show. We get a lot of emails at our contact us page requesting replicas of Daryl Dixon’s poncho that people want to buy for upcoming cos plays as well as costume parties and halloween parties. So just where can I buy Daryl’s The Walking Dead poncho? Well we have come across one person selling some on Etsy that can be found if you search ‘Daryl Dixon Poncho’ however they come with an expensive price tag and appear to be made to order so will not necessarily reach you by the weekend if you need your poncho costume by then. Although they are probably the only good replica on the internet they also look very clean compared to the one featured on The Walking Dead so you would probably want to run it through a mud puddle or something and hang it out to dry before your cos play event. We are currently in the process of designing and making our own Daryl Dixon replica poncho for purchase online, check out our online store to see if it’s in stock yet otherwise feel free to contact us for arrival and availability.

Quentin Tarantino’s Western Costume 

quentin tarantino poncho costume

Before there was Django Unchained Tarantino had an appearance in Takashi Miike’s cult classic western Sukiyaki Western Django. Like all of Quentin Tarantino’s acting roles he essentially played the part of himself, this time in western cowboy costume consisting of a memorable Mexican style poncho as the ‘mythic gunslinger’. For anyone that has seen this movie they know that it’s an absolute gem and although there may not be as much demand for this patterned poncho as some others, like all things Quentin Tarantino – there is the die hard fans out there that just want this hooded mexican poncho. The actual design of this mexican poncho was more than likely a one off piece made up for costume designer Michiko Kitamura and the actual one is more than likely locked up in Quentin Tarantino’s movie prop collection. We have scoured the internet at there is no signs of anyone making replicas of this exact poncho, hell you will be lucky to find a replica of any of the costumes from Django Unchained for a Django themed party. None the less this poncho is very similar to our blanket poncho that is an authentic Mexican poncho that we currently have in stock if you visit our costumes page.