Where to buy the Clint Eastwood Poncho Costume in the USA

Where to buy the Clint Eastwood Poncho Costume in the USA

Where to buy Clint Eastwood Poncho Costume in the USA


We are an Australian seller of quality hand made Mexican ponchos. One of our most popular items is our Clint Eastwood poncho, also known as the Man with no names poncho from Sergio Leone’s trilogy including The Good The Bad & The Ugly. Blondie or The Man with No Name as he is often referred to is played by Clint Eastwood and he wears an infamous poncho which we sell quality replicas of.

For a while now we have been receiving a lot of requests as to where you can buy a quality Clint Eastwood poncho replica in the US? Well we have partnered up with a distributor in the US that sources their quality hand made Mexican ponchos from the same place in Mexico as we do so that all our American cosplay and Clint Eastwood fans alike can now shop this poncho costume online without having to pay the expensive shipping costs.

Our friends at Clint Collection are selling the Clint Eastwood poncho here.

If you’re wanting to find out more about the poncho you can also read below:

Hand made from 100% wool, hand woven in Mexico with a reinforced leather collar using high quality dyes that won’t fade over time like cheaper ones will.

Clint Eastwood single-handedly came to define the American Western after his appearance in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” – and his character, exuding brash stubbornness and easy cool, is an archetypical anti-hero for “bad boys” all over the world to emulate.  With this Clint Eastwood Poncho, meticulously designed to replicate the poncho worn by “The Man with No Name,” you too can live out a western adventure.

High-Quality Authentic Reproduction

Like all Mexican ponchos that were worn during the movie’s time period, this poncho is made from thick hand-woven Mexican wool, and it contains a leather reinforcing strip at the collar to prevent fraying.  Modern refinements, such as the smooth lining, make the poncho much more comfortable than the ponchos of yore, completely eliminating the itchy feeling that so many people associate with wool clothing.

The pattern on the poncho is identical to the poncho worn in the movie, and people will immediately recognize the styling and the characteristic silhouette. While the poncho comes in a variety of colors (brown, black, and olive green) we recommend that customers purchase the olive green version if they are trying to stay true to the movie.

Traditional Quality

While knockoffs might fade and fray, these authentic reproductions have the same traditional quality that made the original Mexican ponchos the most sought after clothing in the American Midwest.  Mexican ponchos were historically the clothing choice of “rough riding” cowboys, outlaws, and laborers, so they had to withstand the brutal conditions and breakneck pace of life on the frontier.  These reproduction Clint Eastwood ponchos would make those original cowboys proud, as they don’t sacrifice features or quality in any way.  Even the dyes that are used to give the ponchos their rich hue are protected against fading, so the poncho will look as good in a few years as it does the day you buy it, the amazing poncho Clint Eastwood.

Perfect for Costume Parties

“The Man with No Name” might be the single most famous character from any American western movie, and with good reason.  Something about the calm and methodical way that Clint Eastwood dispatched with villains throughout Sergio Leone’s trilogy resonates with people, so it is no surprise that people always try to replicate his distinctive garb at parties and events.  This reproduction poncho is perfect for parties, and it is close enough to the original that even a trained eye can’t spot differences.  We recommend that you order your poncho prior to your party, as wearing it around the house and while you do work in the yard is a great way to get the “weathered” look that the poncho had in the movie.  Unlike the poor-quality knockoffs on the market now, our reproduction Mexican poncho is durable enough to wear as a part of your daily outfit as well.  Experience the all-weather usefulness of a water resistant and wind-breaking poncho, and throw one on when it gets either hot or cold outside.

Measures 80 inches X 39 inches (203cm X 99cm) & weighs 1.3kg

The Clint Eastwood poncho(clint eastwood serape poncho) is available in two colours:


Olive Green