What to wear with my woollen poncho

What to wear with my woollen poncho

After a nice long Australian summer, unfortunately now winter is closing in.


This means that you are going to have to say goodbye to those tans you worked so hard for (except for those of you that are lucky/smart enough to have overseas holidays planned in winter) and put away those thongs/flip flops that you have worn in all summer long.


However it’s not all bad news, for one it means its socially acceptable for you to lie under the blanket all weekend next to the fire place watching Game of Thrones or similar and it’s also that great time of year where winter fashion hits the shops. Why is this great news? Well for one, there is no training required or dieting to get in to shape for winter fashion and it’s all about soft, comfortable materials and staying warm!

The news we are most thrilled about though is that mexican ponchos are not only back in season but also fashion. It’s taken a while for fashion labels to catch on to just how versatile and fashion forward ponchos are but they are now here to stay, lining the boutique stores you will be hard pressed not to see a fashionable poncho adorning a mannequin in the shop window. The next question is obviously; what to wear with my woollen poncho?


As you can see from some of the above designer ponchos in the image, the styles vary a lot however the colours tend to remain the same; blacks, tans, greys and other basics generally in soft wool materials. The actual designs of the ponchos vary from, mexican poncho hoodies, mexican blanket poncho’s traditional mexican style ones, to cloaks, capes, button ups and even turtle neck style ones.

Since the poncho is predominantly an outerwear, it makes it easy to decide what to wear underneath it because it more than likely won’t be on show.

We recommend that you can’t go wrong if you want to accompany your poncho with some tight jeans either black or any of the denim colours. Tights or leggings are also ok, we have seen some people wearing some great bronze or gold leggings along with their ponchos but because the poncho is already a statement it’s generally best not to wear anything too outrageous with them. Keep it simple. Cannot go wrong with your basic black tights or leggings.


For shoes we have seen people wearing the ponchos out with heels, however we tend to think the best option with a fashionable poncho is to wear some boots. Tight jeans & boots has always being a safe choice and nothing has changed with the addition of the poncho. Accessorise with hoop earrings or larger earrings if you wish.

If you’re wanting to keep it unique how about you take a look at our online store that stocks both traditional and fashionable ponchos for ladies and men made from wool and other natural materials. If you have any further questions regarding what to wear with your poncho or are looking for a specific poncho that you saw a celebrity or someone on the catwalk wearing please don’t hesitate to contact the poncho experts at our contact us page.