Other Uses for your Cowboy Sombrero

Other Uses for your Cowboy Sombrero

Other Uses for your Mexican Sombrero Cowboy Hat

So there you are, just back from your Spring Break trip to Mexico – and now the proud owner of a genuine Mexican sombrero.  Your cowboy sombrero is a great addition to any Mexican-themed costume, and a fantastic hat for keeping the sun out of your eyes… but what about some of its more creative uses. We brainstormed some creative ways that you could use your Mexican sombrero when you get tired of wearing it around.

“Fiesta Frisbee

Your Mexican Sombrero might not have the most aerodynamic profile, but it is actually quite the Frisbee alternative.  Why not combine a festive southwestern-style barbecue or taco party with a little ultimate Frisbee on the lawn? Sombreros are great alternatives to Frisbees – a little bit larger and a whole lot more fun. Our Mexican sombreros are made from the highest-quality materials, and they are designed to withstand a lot of abuse – so if you’re going to use a sombrero as a Frisbee you couldn’t do better than one of our quality designs.

Grocery Shopping Basket

Before you can have your next taco party or awesome southwest-themed gathering, you’re going to need some proper food. From nachos to salsa, taco shells to fajita meat, there are a lot of ingredients that go into making the perfect Mexican feast. Just where are you going to store all of these ingredients while you are browsing the store?  A shopping cart? Too bland.  A shopping basket? Too small.  An upside down sombrero? Perfect.

Nacho Bowl

After you finish your grocery shopping, your Mexican sombrero can be the centerpiece for your Mexican feast. Line the “head” area of your sombrero with something water-tight like a plastic bowl or Pyrex container, and fill it up with salsa, nacho cheese, or another type of dip. You can put nachos all along the edge of your sombrero, and people at your party can reach over to the sombrero every time they want a nibble. Half the battle of a successful party is your décor and theming – so a sombrero is a great choice to liven up the room.

nacho sombrero

Napping Disguise

Do you have a job in one of the new-fangled “open offices” that have become so popular over the last few years? Which you could shut your office door to take a nap… but don’t have an office? With your Mexican sombrero, nobody can see your eyes unless they are standing below you – so anyone that walks by your desk will think you are hard at work even if you’re dozing off. With your very own Mexican sombrero, you have a portable siesta everywhere you go!

Tiny Boat

Flip over your Mexican sombrero, and what do you have?  That’s right – a tiny boat. In the event of a “Honey, I shrunk the Kids” type scenario, your Mexican sombrero makes the perfect water-craft to ride the tumultuous sees of an indoor swimming pool, sink full of dishes, or puddle in the middle of your mad-scientist laboratory.



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