Top 10 Reasons that you NEED a Hippie Poncho

Top 10 Reasons that you NEED a Hippie Poncho

As the summer dawns in much of the world, it is once again time for music festivals and outdoor festivities.


What better piece of clothing to celebrate the new season with than a poncho?  Hippie ponchos, so-called because of their ubiquitous presence in the alternative scene throughout the past several decades, are stylish fashion accessories that serve a variety of purposes.  Not only are hippie ponchos fun and attractive, but they can be used for all ten of the following reasons.

  1. Versatility

The poncho is the most versatile piece of clothing ever made.  A poncho is, simultaneously, a scarf, rain jacket, shirt, dress, decoration, picnic blanket, and much more.  A poncho can keep you warm when it’s cold outside, and cool when the sun is shining.  A poncho is festive enough to accent any wardrobe, but subdued enough that it won’t clash with your other accessories.  Hippie ponchos are at home on the festival circuit, but equally at home around the house or on camping trips. Why buy a clothing item that only has a single use?  One of our hippie ponchos will serve you well for years of diverse enjoyment.

Baja Style Hooded Poncho

Baja Style Hooded Poncho

  1. Unique

Look around you – how many hippie ponchos do you see?  Unless you’re in the middle of a sixties-themed costume party, the answer is probably “not very many.”

Hippie ponchos are guaranteed to set you apart from your friends and family – giving you the individual style and bohemian chic that you are looking for.  Don’t settle for the same old patterned t-shirts and leggings; go with something bold and inventive.

  1. Everyone has more Fun in a Poncho

Like cold beer and music, a hippie-poncho is guaranteed to add a spark to your celebration of choice.  Everyone has fun when they are wearing an authentic hippie poncho, and they stay comfortable throughout the night so they can keep the party going.  While some stylish clothing is uncomfortable and makes parties drag, a hippie poncho will keep you in the perfect relaxed mindset to enjoy everything that the day has to offer.

Simpsons Hippie Poncho

Even Home Simpson loves his HIppie Poncho

  1. Backpacking and Hitch-Hiking

Embrace the spirit of the 1960s and go on a vision-quest across the country!  Your hippie poncho will protect you from the elements while you flag down cars and hop from town to town, and it packs neatly so you can carry it along for the trip.  Hippie ponchos don’t wrinkle and they are easy to wash – so feel free to use it for everything from a rain jacket to a pillow.

  1. Camping

When you are camping – every bit of space is precious.  You want to carry everything that you are going to need for a few nights in the wild, but without sacrificing space in your pack for food and the essentials.  Since a poncho doubles as a blanket, a coat, and so much more – you can save room for the beer and hot dogs!  Wool ponchos also keep their insulating properties when they get wet, so you don’t have to worry about catching a chill during a sudden downpour.

  1. Costume Parties

Hippie ponchos were a fixture in the 1960s, and you can’t scan over a photo of iconic locations like the Woodstock music festival without seeing hundreds of hippies in their brightly colored ponchos.  If you are hosting a 1960s themed party or mixer – get the part started with an authentic hippie poncho.  Our ponchos are a far better quality than some of the cheap imitations made in costume shops, so you will be wearing it for way more than just a single night of fun.

  1. Fair Trade Practices

The 1960s were all about social equality and free love, so it doesn’t make sense to buy a cheap imitation hippie poncho made in a sweat shop somewhere.  All of our ponchos are free trade, and we certify that they were made using sustainable manufacturing methods and fair labor.

  1. Macklemore wears ponchos

One of the most popular entertainers in the English-speaking world, Macklemore has captured the eye of fashion spotters because of his unique sense of style.  Macklemore uses carefully orchestrated wardrobes that are simultaneously chic but rugged, and he has frequently worn hippie ponchos.

Macklemore Hippie Poncho

Macklemore wearing a poncho

9. As Comfortable as a Snuggie but WAY cooler

We all know that Snuggies are the most comfortable clothing item ever made – but you don’t want to be caught dead in one outside of your home.  Our hippie ponchos, with brushed wool and smooth edges, are just as comfortable as snuggies and blankets.  Wool is a great insulator, and it will keep you warm all night and day.

10. Music Festivals

Music festivals are the perfect place to show off your new fashion choices – and you will see plenty of hippie ponchos at venues like Glastonbury and Bonnaroo.  Hippie ponchos keep you cool, they prevent sunburn, and they give you complete freedom of motion so you can dance to your heart’s content.