Top 10 Mustaches in Cinema

Top 10 Mustaches in Cinema

Since it’s Movember and every Tom, Dick & Harry appear to be growing some kind of facial hair above their lip, we thought we would take a look back through time on the silver screen at the top 10 mustaches in Cinema (Moustaches for those that speak the Queen’s english).

Number 10.

Robert Redford MustacheAt number 10 we couldn’t go past Robert Redford’s mustache in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He has had his fair share of mustaches over his commendable film career however none top this Burt Reynold’s esque mustache in what is one of the greatest western movies of all time.







Number 9.

Matt Dillon Mustache - Something about MaryIn 1998 the Farrelly brothers (dumb & dumber) gave us the cult comedy classic ‘There’s something about Mary’ starring Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz and our man to the right Matt Dillon playing the creepy Healy. If you didn’t love his Hawaiian shirts than you probably equally didn’t like that porn-star slug that was lying above his lip – on the other hand we thought it was fantastic and that’s why it’s number 9 on our list of the top 10 movie mustaches.






Number 8.

Aaron Ruell Napoleon Dynamite MustacheAnother from a cult-comedy classic (Napoleon Dynamite) is this little gem of a mustache on actor Aaron Ruell  (Kip). It has a fair bit of Ringo Starr influence from the looks and is made even better by his over-sized glasses and the fact he looks like a serial killer. To top it all off his mustache get’s the ladies as he chats to babes online all day.






Number 7.

There Will be Blood MustacheAt number 7 is super-human, multi oscar winning actor Daniel Day Lewis’ mustache from the movie There Will Be Blood. His character Daniel Plainview is a self-made oil tycoon who is willing to go to any lengths to extract and sell oil. It is quite clear that after 158 minutes that his mustache is truly the reason for his success, whether he is striking gold in the fields or clubbing Paul Dano to death in the bowling alley – the mo clearly maketh’ the man. Watch out or he will drink your milkshake and lick it out of his Plainviewstache’






Number 6.

Borat Mustache

‘Very Nice’ is this mustache from Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat. The most impressive thing about this mustache is that it was no doubt shaped in glorious Kazakhstan without the use of a modern day shaver, was more than likely trimmed using the hind-leg of a donkey which makes it all the more impressive. Borat loves America and America loves his mustache.






Number 5.

Ben Stiller MustacheDodge-ball – you probably remember the movie (or have forgotten about it after the whole Lance Armstrong scene becoming worthless) and its great cameo by Ben Stiller. He takes the bull by the horns in this comedy classic and besides his lycra tight costume and troop of muscle men team mates, we think the most rewarding thing about this movie and the key to his success on and off the court is all due to that wicked handlebar mustache.







Number 4.

Dustin Hoffman Mustache - Hook

Hook – The classic Peter Pan movie that scarily enough came out over 20 years ago now back when Steven Spielberg was churning out classics. Dustin Hoffman who played the character of hook had a pretty noteworthy hat & pirate hook however his twirly, brill-creamed mustache definitely took the cake and landed him at number 4 of the all time greatest movie mustaches.






Number 3.

Will Ferrell Mustache Anchorman

Hello San Diego – This is Ron Burgundy’s mustache speaking ‘i’m kind of a big deal’. This channel news 4 team mustache really does deserve it’s own spin off show (although Parks and Recreation attempted to copy the mustache) it just didn’t have the same impact that Ron’s fine womb broom had when in front of the tele-prompter and ladies alike.







Number 2.

Charlie Chaplin Mustache

Charlie Chaplin’s mustache style – let’s face it, it was that good that even Hitler copied it. We dare you to!








Number 1.


Kurt Russell - Tombstone Mustache

There were two great mustaches in the movie Tombstone, one being Val Kilmer’s classic mustache and the other being the greatest mustache of all time donned by Kurt Russell’s classic western character Wyatt Earp. If you haven’t watched this movie we recommend it as a must see for western fans and movie lovers alike. It’s even rumoured this mustache inspired Merv Hughes classic cricket mustache.






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