The Rise in Ponchos at Australian Bush Doofs

The Rise in Ponchos at Australian Bush Doofs

Recently we attended the 2014 Rainbow Serpent Festival¬†held in Lexton Victoria, Australia. It is well regarded as the pinnacle of Australian ‘bush doofs’ if not of electronic festivals in Australia all together.

It sees tens of thousands of people from all over the world flock to bushland Victoria to celebrate the arts, music, alternative lifestyle, indigenous culture, health & wellbeing, dance and cleaner living.


The festival is also one of the longer ones in Australia, running from Thursday midday until Tuesday midday over Australia Day long weekend. Whether it’s your first time going to a ‘doof’ or you have being to similar ones in Australia (Eclipse, Maitreya, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Earthcore, Strawberry Fields or even Burning Seed) it is hard not to be blown away by the scale of Rainbow Serpent. Set up over a large campsite, from the moment you setup your camp until the moment you leave you will be captivated by the amount of effort that goes in people campsites, costumes and of course the stages and workshops of the actual festival.

Since it’s Australia Day weekend it is generally quite hot (35 degrees plus) and then with little cloud cover or shade it is quite cold at night and calls for a range of different attire. There are plenty of stores that will sell costumes and alternative clothing made from natural fibres and the likes (or even some fluorescent lycra if that’s what you’re after) however we recommend sorting out your costumes before you get to the festival as there is no ATM’s on site and generally you want to save whatever money you have for partying and on the delicious spread of food the festival puts on each year.


Rainbow Serpent goer enjoying some delicious food in his Mexican Poncho

When you ask Rainbow goers what the most exciting thing about the festival is, most of them will agree its the costumes. Everyone puts in a lot of effort in not only their costumes and also their performing arts. Whether you are interested in Poi, fire twirling, hula hooping, devils sticks or even the good ol fashioned ‘doof stick’ you will definitely find a place to fit it at Rainbow. This year we noticed¬†the rise in ponchos at Australian bush doofs(bush doof victoria/bush doof sydney) in particular Rainbow Serpent. Have people finally realised how versatile in hot/cold weather they are as well as how comfortable and well made they are? Or are people simply impressed with how well they are priced considering they are hand made and a unique clothing item? Well we were definitely keen to find out and asked several festival goers what they thought about the rise in ponchos at festivals. One particular individual thought we were referring to emergency rain ponchos and claimed that he would never wear one of them whilst it wasn’t raining and that his Mexican poncho was simply ‘business at usual attire’. Another festival goer claimed that ponchos had ‘increased by 430% due to the fact they doubled as a picnic rug and warm blanket at night.’

We dug a little deeper and asked several shops that were full of customers after ponchos for both females and males and they claimed that since the ponchos are so well woven they will not get dirty and can be worn over anything to stay warm and that some people were even wearing their ponchos as head scarf/hoods. We are still uncertain as to the sudden increase in popularity of the Mexican style poncho however the fact remains that they are an essential piece of clothing to any bush doof, much as you would always take your jacket to the ski fields or lederhosen to a beer festival and best of all the ponchos are here to stay.

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