The Good The Bad and The Ugly Costume

The Good The Bad and The Ugly Costume

In 1964 an Italian director by the name of Sergio Leone released A Fistful of Dollars (Per un pugno di dollari) the first of a trilogy of Westerns which was to redefine the how Western Movie genre and to bring about the term Spaghetti Western (Western movies made by an Italian director).

The Good the Bad and The Ugly Costumes


The trilogy which also included films For A Few Dollars More & The Good The Bad and The Ugly starred Clint Eastwood as the character The Man with No Name as well as Eli Wallach & Lee Van Cleef. It is well known how highly these movies are regarded not only in the western genre but also in Cinema in general, especially the infamous score by Ennio Morricone. However what is often overlooked or not mentioned is just how amazing the costume design work by Carlo Simi is.

Carlo Simi who passed away in 2000 was in charge of the costumes for many memorable Westerns; including Once Upon a Time in The West and Django (1966) the original that would later go on to influence Quentin Tarantino to make Django Unchained. Carlo Simi is best known as the set designer of the ‘El Paso‘ town in For a Few Dollars More however he was also one of the best regarded costume designers and was heavily involved in creating some of the masterpiece costumes that appear in Sergio Leone’s films, none more so than the classic poncho worn by Clint Eastwood’s the Man with no name that can be purchased directly here

Lee Van Cleef’s character “The Bad’s”costume also deserves an honourable mention. The pipe smoking gentlemen Lee Van Cleef and trimmed moustache and matching sharp suit with pocket watch and a holstered extended barrel pistol that looks oh so nasty when the quick handed “The Bad” gets angry.

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Many people have requested on forums and western enthusiast websites where they can purchase or buy quality replica western costumes to not only wear to Mexican themed parties but also to have as a collectable item that will stand the test of time and make even the entry level western movie enthusiasts weak at the knees when they see you strutting your stuff in a The Good The Bad & The Ugly authentic looking poncho. So just where can you acquire such items? What if you want to go to a Mexican Party but have no idea what to dress as? Well we have all the answers for you here at

Firstly it should be noted that there are a lot of cheap imitation ponchos going around that are made in China and do not even have the right material (wool) let alone the kind of craftsmanship that makes a quality western poncho. Traditionally ponchos are made in South America using fine quality wool and a traditional dying process. Then a leather neck lining is sewn on and also an inner lining that provides more warmth and prevents the poncho from being too itchy. These cheap ponchos are best avoided like the plague – John Wayne would have no part of them and nor should you.

If you really want to pull off that bad ass cinema look that you see the enemies or rather Gringos wear in movies like The Three Amigos, Pale Rider, True Grit & Django Unchained then you need to buy traditional quality items. We at Mexican Ponchos have scoured all the best parts of Central America in search for the highest quality ponchos that won’t let you down in a quick-draw and are perfect for the horse riding through rugged terrain. Don’t have spurs? No problem you won’t need them there is no chance any one is going to try catch up to you on your horse whilst you’re wearing one of our ponchos.

So whether you want to buy The Good the Bad and The Ugly poncho costume which you can purchase directly from our ONLINE STORE or also looking for some accessories such as; Clint Eastwood’s famous leather hat, Quality engraved spurs, Bullet holster belts, Three amigo costumes, John Wayne costumes or the same gun and holster from the movie Shane make sure that you always buy quality & even more important than that look to dress with friends. One of you can be ‘The Good‘ and your friend can dress-up like ‘The Bad’ or ‘The Ugly’ and can wear a famous charro sombrero and badass mexican poncho and cowboy boots. Either way we guarantee that next time you are after Mexican Theme Party Ideas that you will look no further than our online store.


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Clint Eastwood the good the bad and the ugly costume


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