Simple Costume Ideas

Simple Costume Ideas

Do you have a costume party coming up and are looking for simple costume ideas that won’t break your budget and still look impressive on the night? Well you’re in the right place.

We have trawled the world wide web in search of the simplest costume ideas that look great.

grapes costume

First we found this idea. Dressing as a bunch of grapes. You will not only look delicious but will no doubt be the life of the party with everyone wanting to eat/pop you all night. All you will need is some balloons, some ivy and a long sleeve top (maybe you have an old wiggles costume lying around at home).



Next we came across this idea. We call it the end of days costume – it’s perfect for your upcoming apocalypse themed party and all you will require is lots of tinfoil and some tape.

Mayan apocalypse: Men in tin foil at Bugarach, FranceIf you’re feeling a little more creative you can add on some wire or pipe cleaner antennas like these blokes did. This costume would also work great with a colander helmet.

A similar costume along the same lines is the classic Mummy costume and all you will require for this is some toilet paper or bandages and someone to roll the toilet paper around your whole body – make sure you leave a hole for your mouth so you can still enjoy a drink! The fun part about this costume is that people will have to guess who you are when you arrive at the party as they will only be able to see your eyes.

walter white costume

Here is another great new idea for an upcoming costume party. The Walter White from Breaking bad apron costume. All you will need is a apron (preferably green) and some glasses. If you want to wear it like he does then you will have to be quite game (naked) or you can always sneak in some underwear in to the costume. To pull the meth-cook look off even better you could add some dishwashing gloves or a mask from your local hardware store. This will no doubt be a crowd favourite costume and of course with just an addition of a chef’s hat you could suddenly transform in to a chef costume which is another great easy idea.

We really like this idea as well. The X-Ray costume. It requires a bit more effort than the

x-ray costume

previous ideas. You will need a cardboard box (preferably black in colour) and some bottle lids that can be used as the knobs. We recommend drawing the skeleton yourself however you can print it out and glue it on. You can get really creative with the skeleton and draw all sorts of odds and ends that don’t belong in your system (the late great Ryan Dunn’s car from Jackass comes to mind).

Under the box we recommend you wear black clothing as pictured or if you’re feeling a little bit gamer (it’s warmer) why not just wear underwear. You could even draw your organs if you are after a bit more of an operation board game costume look.


Still our favourite last minute, easy costume idea is the classic Mexican Poncho. We have a range of ponchos in stock that you can choose from and offer express international postage if you need it by the weekend. If you are out of time and still want a poncho we suggest getting one of your old towels and cutting a hole in it, this is still a crowd pleaser and you can easily stick on a cowboy hat and maybe draw on a big gringo moustache to complete the cowboy look.