Quality Mexican Sombreros in Australia

Quality Mexican Sombreros in Australia

Australian-flag-sombreros-in-the-crowd-during-day-one-of-the-Third-Test-match-between-Australia-and-Sri-Lanka-at-Sydney-Cricket-Ground-960x540Whether you watched the Ashes cricket tests in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth you would have noticed a lot of fans in the crowd sporting large straw hats. Some were just plain straw, some were coloured with Australian flags, some were the famous gold & green colours and others had being taken straight from Taco Bill restaurants.

There is plenty of good reasons why Australian’s are all jumping on board the famous Sombrero trend, not the least of them is how much of the hot Australian summer sun the block out and leave you cool, not burnt and able to enjoy your drinks in the sun – not to mention that everyone is known to have more fun whilst wearing a sombrero.

In photo: Blue sombrero el sombrero – sombrero galaxy

So just where can you purchase Quality Mexican Sombreros in Australia?

Well we know for a fact that if you go down to any Taco Bill restaurant and buy a one litre Pancho Villa margarita you will receive a free straw sombrero with it. However this will set you back around $35 and leave you with a nasty brain-freeze and little room left in the stomach for any delicious tacos.

If you want one of the Australian blue red & white flag sombreros we would recommend going down to your local $2 store and you will be able to pick them up cheap there as well as grab some for your mates and all get behind whatever team you are supporting, just remember that this can sometimes be frustrating to those sitting behind you – especially if you are in the standing section at a concert and no one can see over your sombrero. This however is not the case if you manage to get a Doritos dipping sombrero hat they were promoting recently in which you could place salsa in the middle of the hat and nachos around the side so that everyone could enjoy them – similar to the nacho hat that Homer Simpson famously wears in the Simpsons pictured here.


If you are anything like us however, you will probably not want to wear the exact same sombrero that everyone else is wearing at the cricket or sporting event/music festival as its always more fun if you and your crew have your own unique costumes or hats so that you can spot each other from the crowd or on the television and generally have a better day out.

Here at Mexican Poncho we have managed to track down a couple of the famous Charro Sombreros that are generally worn at Carnivals or weddings over in Mexico, however are more popularly known to be the kind of sombrero that is worn in the Three Amigos movie starring Steve Martin & Chevy Chase. They are hand made in Mexico by local artisans who have being making hats their whole lives and feature sequins and coloured patches, they are also not as flimsy as the straw versions and will last the test of time. That and after you are done wearing it for the day they also look great hanging up on your wall and definitely a great talking piece when people come around.


If you are looking where to buy these quality sombreros then you can just take a look at our online store here. You will also notice we stock a large amount of Mexican hand made ponchos which will go perfectly with your new sombrero at any Cricket, Football, Music or Camping event. We have put a couple of our best sellers below so that you can add them straight to cart.
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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding where you can find or buy particular sombreros as we also can organise to import certain ones from Mexico if you are after particular ones for an upcoming special event.