Pregnancy and Maternity Costumes for Women

Pregnancy and Maternity Costumes for Women

Are you currently expecting and have either a costume party or halloween dress up event on the horizon and are wondering what to wear?


Well we have scoured the world wide web so that you don’t have to and put together a list of pregnancy and maternity costumes for women expecting. Some are funny, some are naughty, some will hide the bump, some will show off the bump but best of all they are all widely available or otherwise can easily be put together using items that you would have around the house.

pregnancy costume maternity funny basketballbeach ball pregnancy womens costume

halloween maternity costume pumpkin patchwomens pregancy costume crossdressing funny







First off let’s take a look at some that are good fun, won’t break the budget and best of all get to show off your baby bump. They involve painting, and you may well need to get a friend to help depending on how flexible you are, but as you can see from the images above basically you incorporate your baby bump as something else that is round – whether it be a basketball, a beach-ball, a pumpkin, ten-pin bowling ball, soccer ball – you catch the drift and then obviously pick the costume to match. Our favourite in this selection however is the cross-dressing pregnancy beer belly costume. It’s not only a cheap costume that can be thrown together with stuff you will presumably have lying around the house but will also be a great laugh when you show up to the front door of the party and are unrecognizable.

Now the above options can be considered for the brave, not all of us want to get our belly out (especially if it’s cold) so here are some other options we have come up with that still incorporate your baby bump but still allow you to cover up and enjoy yourself at your upcoming costume party.

DIY pregnancy halloween costume easy cheap

First up we have the cheap and easy DIY angry birds pregnancy costume. All you will need is a coloured tee shirt (depending on what bird you want to dress as your options are basically white, black, red, green, yellow, blue). Make sure it’s not your best tee because you are going to need to affix some material or paper to it either by glueing, sewing or velcro. As you can see from the picture to the left you can either use material from your local hobby store or just some paper and cut out the shapes to match and affix them on to the tee. This is a fantastic maternity friendly costume and best of all you won’t need to lash out and spend hundred of dollars on costume hire whilst you’re saving for the baby 🙂


Next up is one our favourites we found whilst browsing the web for costume ideas. It’s a naughty take on the classic nun costume (here with two devils in hand as well) that is sure to be a head-turner at your next halloween event or costume party (try avoid this one if it’s your local church fundraisers event… or what the heck, its all in good fun right.) You can pick up nun costumes from most places online relatively cheap and most offer same or next day delivery on all costumes, they are also very loose fitting so will easily fit your bump in. If you have the time they are also quite simple to make if you can get to your local craft store and pick up some black and white materials. There is a pattern for a simple to make nun habit here. Be sure to accessorise your nun costume with a large cross, the bigger the better.



disco ball costume womensHere we have another one that’s sure to be a crowd favourite and even more appropriate if there is some kind of 70s disco theme at the party. It is of course the mirror ball disco ball, it will not only hide your pregnancy in a disco ball but also protect it from anyone that might knock by you on the dance-floor whilst you’re getting your funk on. This one is probably going to be a little harder to find at your local costume shop however they can be purchased on eBay or otherwise you can attempt to make something at home if you’re feeling a little bit arts and crafty before Halloween. You can even probably just get away with using sequins on an old dress and some funky stockings and of course an outrageous wig.


If you are set on the idea of hiding your baby bump at your upcoming costume party or don’t want to be the pregnant chick at the party with one of those disgusting pregnant zombie costumes (basically affixing baby doll limps coming out of your bump and smearing fake blood everywhere) then we suggest you consider getting your wild wild west on and wearing one of our many ponchos available at our online store. Perfect to bring out the Mexico / Cowgirl spirit and they are loose fitting, unisex, unique and best of all cheap! They can even be paired with one of our fancy sombreros and then you will truly be the life of the fiesta. Feel free to drop us a line if you are unsure about sizing or anything else. Otherwise take a look at our online store here and enjoy the upcoming fancy dress party 🙂