The Best Ponchos of 2013

The Best Ponchos of 2013

The poncho which made a come back in to the fashion world in 2011 after Kate Hudson was seen wearing the infamous Louis Vuitton poncho back at the Tribeca Film Festival has continued to be integrated in to fashion looks in 2013. In this article we are going to take a look at the best ponchos of 2013.

To start we couldn’t look past the 2013 Tom Ford Fall collection ponchos which were launched on the runway and were stylish, sleek, versatile however generally out of most of our budgets especially around Xmas time.

We also thought that the Poncho Girl design by Forever 21 pictured below was a knock out poncho – incorporating a mix of traditional patterns with the more modern colour schemes it was definitely a hot ticket item in 2013 for women’s ponchos.

poncho girl forever 21

We were also very impressed by the catalogue of ponchos that women’s fashion line Zara released in 2013, they were more high end items however perfect as an alternative to a big trench-coat or jacket on those winter days.

Our favourite poncho look in 2013 was the throwback to the old 1969 Woodstock music festival look with the Baja Ponchos. They are unisex items, brushed cotton with hoods, tassels and a large kangaroo pocket making them not only look great but also very versatile and can hold your belongings.

We have tracked down the famous baja ponchos in Nepal made by Tibetan artisans, each one uniquely patterned so that you are guaranteed not to see someone else wearing the same poncho when you’re next wearing it out.

You can check them out on our online store here.

If you are after a specific women’s or men’s poncho design and not sure where to find it feel free to contact us with either what the design looks like or a picture of the item either from the internet, catwalk or one you have snapped of someone wearing a good looking poncho down the street and send it to us and our team of poncho experts will track down exactly where you can find the poncho you are after.

In 2014 we will be extending our poncho line even further with additions of further Clint Eastwood design ponchos as well as the infamous Back To The Future Poncho worn in BTTF3 by Michael J Fox’s ‘Marty Mcfly’