Plus Size Costumes

Plus Size Costumes

No matter what shape or size we are, we all love to party hard.

If you are after a plus size costume that is fashionable, comfortable and wont break your budget then look no further than our range of Mexican Ponchos.

Crazy Cockfighting Mexican Poncho








If ever there were an example of Mexican Costume that is a one size fits all then it is the Poncho. We cater for all shapes and sizes whether you are like the 5ft 6 Mexican Wrestler Mysterio” href=”” target=”_blank”>Rey Mysterio or the 6ft 4 187kg Mark Henry Wrestler” href=”” target=”_blank”>Mark Henry.


Our ponchos have a generous sized neck hole to fit all shapes and sizes and simply drape over your shoulders, freeing up your hands for beers. You can quite easily wear clothes underneath depending on the weather and ponchos easily work with jeans so there is no need to spend extra money on pants. We also have a range of Sombreros to accompany the Poncho in what will be a classic Mexican Costume for the night.

Ponchos have unisex patterns so boy or girl, man or woman our Mexican Ponchos are sure to suit your style.

Don’t spend heaps on hiring a costume that you will have to try take back to the Costume Store hungover on Monday. Buy a Plus Size Mexican Poncho Costume from us Online today and we can organise express postage so that it arrives to you by the weekend and after the party you will have a quality poncho to either wear again or hang on the wall.

We are based in Australia and post plus size costumes worldwide.