Mexican Themed Drinking Games

Mexican Themed Drinking Games


The Mexican Drinking Game


Ola! With all the Mexican themed parties that are going on these days, it’s no surprise that there are some decent drinking and party games going around, we thought we would put together our list of the best drinking games for your upcoming fiesta party.

The Best Mexican Themed Drinking Games on the Internet!

Before you get too ahead of yourself on your first margarita firstly make sure that everything else is setup for your mexican party. That is everyone is actually dressed up in costume (it should be an instant drink right there if someone is not), the music is switched over to some quality mexican music (we’re talking gypsy kings, mexican sombrero dance, ennio morricone – you get the idea) and of course your fridge is full of cervezas and limes, the blender is full of margarita and the shot glasses, salt shakers and tequila (or similar) is at arms reach.


First up is Mexican ring toss -for this game you will need a couple of things.


1. some large rings, if you are struggling to find some at home, we recommend cutting some out of old pizza boxes.

2. something to toss the rings on to – as you can see from the picture to the left, we highly recommend you pick up one of these inflatable cactuses (eBay or costume store) which not only works perfectly but also has a drink cooler in the bottom part to keep your beers icey cold. However if this is not an option, use a chair that would work or a hat stand.

The game is played as you could no doubt imagine by standing back (similar distance to darts) and tossing the rings on to the arms and base of cactus. There are a few variations of the rules; you can either play that for every ring you land you get to nominate a drink or two to someone else playing and then also you can play in rounds where players will be knocked out and the stakes are raised with each round. Our favourite way of playing is similar to that of the basketball game of H-O-R-S-E (you may be familiar with the game from Tony Hawks pro-skater video game). Basically you each take it in turns to make a trick shot with the rings and then if you make the toss, the next person has to match the same shot otherwise they get a letter ‘H’ and so on (and of course you guessed it – they drink).

Next up is always a crowd favourite at any Mexican party and that’s Pi├▒ata. The game needs no introduction, you will obviously need to pick up a Pi├▒ata┬áfrom the store and if you’re wondering what to fill it with, here is an article we found on adult ideas for filling your pinata. Just how do you turn┬áPi├▒ata in to a drinking game you ask? Here’s how:

  • Blindfold the player and spin them around as you would per normal, when they swing at the┬áPi├▒ata, if they miss it completely that’s a drink for them, if they hit it – they can nominate a drink.
  • When the┬áPi├▒ata is broken the person who broke it nominates someone to finish their drink.
  • Alternative game of┬áPi├▒ata that is fun to play with adults – everyone picks a different kitchen utensil to be hitting the┬áPi├▒ata with. You can even have people that miss use a kitchen utensil that is weaker than what they were already swinging with.

Here is another classic game played in Mexico called Mexican Dice or Mexican Cheat Dice its a drinking game where all you will need is a cup and two standard playing dice. The video below describes the rules of the game:

Heres one of the many mexican drinking games the mexican dice drinking game.



And last but not least is our favourite drinking game Kings – how is that Mexican you ask? Well we have some rule variations that give that game just a little bit of a Mexican twist. Firstly if you don’t already know how to play this classic drinking game watch the video instructional below:

Excellent, now that you know the basic rules of this classic drinking game here is how to give it a little bit of a Mexican twist:

Ace:┬áMexican Wave – the same as the waterfall rule, just renamed. Basically the person who draws the ace starts drinking and then the person to the left does, then the person to there left – you cannot put down your beverage until the person before you has stopped drinking beginning with the person who started the game.

King:┬áKing always remains the same in the game of kings – still pour a quarter in to the middle cup.

Queen: Mexican Maid – the person who draws this card is now everyone’s servant – that is, if anyone needs a new drink or accidentally spills their drink – that’s right you have to take care of it until someone else draws the queen and takes over the position.

Jack:┬áMexican name card – the person who draws the card gets to pick either themselves or someone else playing a new mexican name such as ‘Juan’ or ‘Pablo’ – that person must now always be referred to that otherwise the penalty is a drink.

Ten:┬áMexican thumb wrestle – Drawer challenges someone else to a thumb war, loser drinks.

Nine: The accent card – drawer of this card now has to speak with a Mexican accent until someone else draws a nine, failure to do so will result in a drink.

Eight:┬áMexican janitor card – the drawer of this card is entitled to use the bathroom or to hand this card to someone that does want to go to the bathroom. No one else is allowed to use the bathroom until the game is over.

Seven:┬áName card – the person who draws this card names something or someone that has some ties to Mexico or is Mexican themed like ‘Jalepeno’ then the person clockwise of them must name something or someone else Mexican themed that begins with the last letter of the person before’s them did so ‘O’ in this case. The game continues until someone cannot name something that no one else has said and then they drink.

Six: Amigos (all men playing have a drink)

Five:┬áCrazy gringo card – person who draws this card keeps the card until they want to use it. When they do want to use it they start doing something a crazy person would – the last person to copy them has a drink.

Four: Senoritas (all ladies playing drink)

Three: Person who draws has a drink or shot.

Two: Make a new game rule.



So what is the most comfy outfit to wear on these games! If tit is a mexican game then you’d need a mexican costume or outfit! You can find a poncho here.