Mexican Poncho History

Mexican Poncho History

Mexican Poncho History – Ponchos are often counted amongst fashionable articles of clothing and can be worn by anybody irrespective of their age and size.

For those who are yet to know what a poncho is then here is a short description. A poncho is a sort of cloak which is made by cutting a cloth either into a rectangular shape or a square. In the middle of the cloak is a hole through which a person sticks out his head. In simple words, they are blankets having a hole. Today, ponchos are available in wide variety of colors, designs and for every age group. However, ponchos did not gain popularity as a stylish attire right from its early days. In fact, Mexican Poncho History dates back to when the original ponchos were not taken as something fashionable but were worn by the Native Americans of Andes to keep themselves warm. Ponchos were also among the typical clothes that Paracas culture (500 B.C.) made use of.

history of the poncho

In the 1850s ponchos were brought into use by the U.S. military forces on a continuous basis. Such military ponchos were mainly made from waterproof cloth called “gutta percha muslin”. They served as both sleeping sheet as well as rain clothing and were used throughout the American Civil War. During the 1950s, materials like synthetic and coated nylon were used for making military ponchos. These are still used in large number by rescue workers, campers and hunters.

On the fashion front too, it was only in the late 19th century that ponchos finally made a debut as chic attire. Although, ponchos have been here since pre-Hispanic times, they were introduced in the mainstream fashion of the West much later. Media also played a vital role in bringing the outfit into trend.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly poncho made popular by Clint Eastwood remains a memorable style till date. However, once ponchos became a part of the Western culture, they went through modifications with changing times. What earlier used to be an ankle length poncho is now available at a shorter length. Now they are being made from cotton, wool, linen, cashmere and many other materials. In addition to that, weaving, knitting and crocheting have customized these ponchos like never before. People can buy a variety of ponchos from the market as well as from online stores and one can also find The Good The Bad and The Ugly poncho easily. With that being said, today ponchos are not only used for practical purposes but they have also become a fashion statement.

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