Mexican Party Ideas

Mexican Party Ideas


Every time you think of celebrating an occasion, the initial things that attract your concern are food, music and drinks. On a practical note, there is nothing beyond that and that might get boring. No matter if it’s a birthday party or a wedding reception, it’s always the same song and dance coupled with food and drinks. It’s good to celebrate in a way and one would enjoy them several times but, not always. Spice up your next party with our Mexican Party Ideas! There’s no better party than a Mexican themed party.


Mexican parties and festivals are different; they don’t even call it a party but a ‘Fiesta’. Your way of talking, dressing style, reflects your choices and your personality. A Mexican party makes mark with genuine variety of food, different themes and particular way of celebration. Colorful dangles & swirls, sombrero & Serapes, nachos & Tequila shots make feel different and allow you to enjoy Fiestas in a completely different way

Mexian Food Party Ideas

If we talk about food, Mexican food is famous in every corner of the world. Basically, Mexican cuisine is a combination of Mesoamerican cooking style with European and Spanish elements. There are basic ingredients in Mexican food which gives it a different identity among other cuisines. Mexican cuisine comprises of corn, meat, beans, chili pepper etc.  Mole pertains to the number of sauces used in Mexican food which they use in their recipes of tacos, tamales and fajitas. The tang and spice of Mexican cuisine sets the perfect tone for the party atmosphere.

Fiesta games

Scream it loud! Call your amigos and add the spice to your bash. Here are some interesting Mexican games which will compliment your Mexican themed party-

mexican pinata party fiesta


In this game the piñata is hanged on a tree and each player will be blindfolded with a bat or a stick in their hand, which they have to swing thrice to hit the piñata.

Mexican kick ball

This is a kind of relay race which is traditional game in Mexican villages. To begin with the game
divide amigos into two teams, one person from each team starts and kick a ball through an obstacle course as rapidly as they can. After they finish they may pick up the ball and run it back to their team to pass it to the next player.




brushed horse poncho2


Having a theme will add great color to your Fiesta. When we are talking about Mexico, we must know about the traditional and cultural dressing habits of their ancestors. With traditional tribal wear which has so much color and vibrancy in its appearance itself that the fiesta gets more interesting and enjoyable. Why not look at having a Poncho Party – you can check out some of our authentic Mexican Ponchos available online here.