Mexican Costumes and “The Simpsons”

Mexican Costumes and “The Simpsons”

The Mexican costume, the poncho and sombrero in particular, are forever enshrined in the halls of popular culture fame.

Virtually every long-running series of American television has utilized the Mexican costume in some way, usually to comedic effect.  In particular, the Simpsons has frequently clothed its main characters in Mexican costume items – drawing an easy laugh because of the contrast of the suburban family archetype and the “party” atmosphere suggested by the sombrero, poncho, or other item.

When you are browsing for your very own Mexican costume, keep in mind some of the famous combinations worn by Homer Simpson in his cartoon.  After all, there is no shame in copying the longest-running and most successful comedy series in television history.

The Mexican Poncho

Homer Simpson Poncho
Obviously, the most iconic piece of attire that is used in Mexican costumes is the poncho.  Mexican ponchos have been associated with everyone from “rough and tumble” desperadoes to the free-drinking American teenagers on Spring Break in Cancun.  Whatever the context, Mexican ponchos always denote a sense of relaxation and care-free good nature that is perfectly tailored for the Simpsons.  In this scene, Homer Simpson kicks back and relaxes – with a comfortable Mexican poncho giving his wardrobe an unusually colorful injection of fun.


250px-Doh-in_In_the_WindIf you’ve ever watched “The Simpsons“, you understand that Homer is not a man of many talents.  In fact, it would be an understatement to say that Homer is a bit driven by the quest for fun and excitement – and that ‘work’ does not interest him much.  This picture perfectly sums up Homer Simpson’s carefree nature, and the Mexican Poncho just further reinforces the degree to which he is willing to break societal norms.  Mexican ponchos are extremely comfortable, perfect for all types of weather, and ideal for a night out on the town or golf course with your drinking buddies.





The Sombrero

homer sombrero

Sombreros became the headgear of choice for Mexicans everywhere thanks to their utility.  Nothing keeps the sun off your face quite like an authentic sombrero – but they have also come to symbolize Mexico in general due to their uniqueness.  In this episode, Homer wants to disguise himself like a Mexican – so he chooses the iconic sombrero and mustache disguise made so popular by American Western movies.





The “nacho hat” is an iconic Simpsons moment – when Homer fashions his own sombrero out of nachos and cheese dip.  What better way to make a functional party-sombrero than to combine two of the most famous aspects of Mexican culture?



Lucha Libre Wrestler Costume


Professional wrestling is even more popular in Mexico than it is in the United States – but it still has the sense of whimsy and over-the-top fun that American professional wrestling seems to have lost in the 1990s.  Lucha Libre wrestlers have brightly colored costumes and fanciful masks, and they have hilariously exaggerated back-stories and styles.  Obviously, this comedic form of wrestline was perfect for the Simpsons – and these lucha libre wrestling figurines are very popular for Mexican wrestling enthusiasts.