Mexican Costume Ideas

Mexican Costume Ideas

Clint Eastwood ponchos are for a great deal more than just cowboys and Indians. They also make great Mexican costume ideas!

What makes it a very great party theme is the assortment of costumes you can wear and the variety of character types, all distinct and all with loads of content for fine role playing. As with all theme party, the more people make an effort with their costumes and their role playing, the more pleasant the party is.


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Clint Eastwood poncho makes it really easy. Almost everyone has seen westerns and is aware that cowboys are able to use a whip and a lasso, shoot everyone and hang out in saloons, Indians have long and complicated names and are forced to trade their land for beads and get driven off their land, but not without taking a few skulls with their tomahawks, gamblers gamble, gold diggers lose all their gold to gamblers and end up in a shoot out, train robbers and bandits are chased out of town by sheriffs and cowgirls are few and far between but thankfully there are saloon girls aplenty.

With all that going on it’s pretty easy to structure some story lines as the party happens and fall into acting out whatever part you pick.

In terms of the props and music it is also uncomplicated. Set up the party in a bar and call it a saloon, serve up beer and tequila and have several cut out cactuses around the place. Play “There’s a house in New Orleans” and music from the celebrated westerns… and include the theme from Little House on the Prarie to see if any person recognizes it!

With gamblers, saloon girls, gunslingers, mexican bandits, train robbers, gold diggers, settlers, rodeo riders, sheriffs cowboys, cowgirls, Indian sqaws, braves and chiefs there are also plenty of chat up lines or opening lines you can utilize.

  • Cowboy to cowgirl: “Well howdy lil missy, mind if I tie up beside you?”
  • Squaw to Indian Brave or Chief: “That’s a big tomahawk you’ve got there”
  • Indian chief introducing himself to anyone: “Me big chief wetham botham” (insert long and silly name here)
  • Sheriff to cowboy or gambler “Well if it ain’t (insert name here). What brings you to this part of town?”
  • Settler or cowboy approaching an Indian brave and squaw: “Hey, I’ll swap you these beads for your squaw”
  • Cowgirl or Saloon girl to cowboy, gunslinger or gambler “What does a gal have to do to get a drink around here?”
  • Cowboy to cowgirl or saloon girl: “Hop up here behind me and we’ll ride off into the sunset” (you need a toy horse for this one!)
  • Saloon girl to cowboy: “Well hey there cowboy, wanna buy me a drink?”
  • Mexicans bandit to anyone, specifically speaking about a beautiful girl: “rrrriba rrrriba rrrriba”
  • Gambler or Cowboy to cowgirl, settler or saloon girl: “What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ in a place like this?”
  • Cowboy to cowgirl “Let’s split this one horse town”.
  • Saloon girl to gunslinger or cowboy: “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

Just in case you wish to design an entrance, show up on a toy horse and have a friend use coconut shells for your sound effects à la Monty Python!

That was just a small selection of conversation openers for Clint Eastwood


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