10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

During the winter don’t let the weather take the best of you.

If you want to conquer the icy cold winter this season then you must have a plan to counter it. If you don’t have a plan, don’t worry, here you would find ten great ways to beat the winter this season. Don’t let the chills of winter disrupt your work this season. Here our the top 10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter.

Take Hot Bath
Taking a hot water bath is a great way to stay warm in winter. You can improve the benefits of a hot water bath by adding some extra ingredients. Using the right set of ingredients and keeping right temperature/keeping warm in winter can make the bath energizing, relaxing and a great way to soothe the chills and aches of cold weather. To have some fun you can throw some bubble bath, add some fragrant oils, and make the atmosphere of the bath like being in a spa. However, you should remember to put on a dressing gown the moment you complete your hot water bath.

Hot Water Bottle
This is a great technique that doesn’t need much time or money and keeps you warm in the chilling winter. For the people who fear the winter cold, hot water bottle could be the greatest invention. This is the fastest way to get warm, its portable and for some it might bring old memories of their childhood. This technique is old, but still effective. You can keep the hot water bottle at the foot of your bed when you are going to sleep. It would help you in getting a nice warm feeling while sleeping.

Insulate Your Windows
To make sure that you feel warm inside your home, you must make sure that the heat doesn’t leave your house. Best way to do that is to insulate your windows. This would stop the cold air on outside from entering and stop the hot air from inside leaving your house. Blocking the outside air is the best way to maintain warm temperature in your room. Therefore, this winter fill the gaps of your windows and make then weather proof.

Wear Nylon Inside
Wear an extra layer of cloth underneath is a nice way to stay warm. However, wearing an extra innerwear makes few people uncomfortable, as they feel that it makes them look fat. Therefore, you can choose to wear nylon clothes inside, they are thin and they would also keep you warm.

Wear Socks
It is well-known that better blood circulation keeps you warm. One of the simple and most effective ways to improve your blood circulation in winter is to wear socks all the time. There are several types of socks from which you can choose like knee socks, big thick socks, or standard cotton socks. You would get instant warmth by following this technique and you don’t have to spend much money. This could really solve many of your cold problems in freezing temperatures.

It might seem common sense to many people, but still there are very few who are actually going to make an exercise schedule specially to counter the cold of winter. Doing regular exercise in the cold weather helps in increasing the temperature of your body, makes your blood circulation get better, and improves the metabolism of your body. These factors keep you warm for longer duration of time in winter. However, you should always do some extra warm-up when doing exercises in cold weather. Sudden extra exercise could result in straining your muscles. Make an exercise plan that suits your time schedule and is easier to continue.

Get Some Soup
Soups provide heat to your body in the winter and they have many other benefits for your body. Taking soup in the morning regularly helps in the clearing out your chest and makes your breathing easier in winter. Chicken soup is good in preventing arthritis, heart diseases and cancer. Therefore, soup is a fortifying and healing meal for your body, which you must have every morning in the winter. It’s a great way to stay warm during the morning chills and is the best decongestant for your respiratory system, if you are suffering from cough and cold.

Change Your Diet
Changing the food you eat during the winter is important to keep your body warm. There are several food items like nuts, chicken, meat, high-protein diet, etc. that keep your body warm for longer period. Using cardamom and ginger in the things you cook is a great idea to have healthy food in cold weather. Increase your intake of honey and cocoa and stay warmer during winter.

One option that is in fashion these days is wearing an onesie. Those who like they just love it and can’t stay without it. The heat that your body feels after wearing this garment would make you sweat within 15 minutes of wearing it. There is several variety of this garment that is available and you can choose the one which suits your style. However, not everyone is fond of wearing a onesie.

Mexican Blanket Poncho
This is by far the best option you have for getting warm in this winter without spending much money. Mexican blanket poncho is very fashionable to wear and is highly popular among people. It comes in variety of bright colours to make you look dashing in a cold and dry winter. Ponchos are best dress to wear for staying warm in winter because you can wear them inside and outside of your house. This feature makes them a great value for money garment. You can use Mexican blanket ponchos all year-long at various times and not just in winter. They are easy to wear, easy to take-off, and easy to wash and dry. Buy a poncho here now.


Staying warm in winter always need special efforts from your side. However, the ten ways suggested above would help you immensely, as they are easy to apply and don’t need much investment. Just a few changes in your habits and dressing style, and you would never know when winter arrived.

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