What Makes the Perfect Summer Poncho

What Makes the Perfect Summer Poncho

 Summer is fast approaching

The time for you to shed your heavy winter clothes and put those bikini bodies on display is here. In summer, you certainly cannot do without a high quality poncho, and here are some qualities that make the perfect summer poncho.

Firstly, a summer poncho has to be lightweight. After all, the season for heavy clothing is over and summer is all about flowy and airy clothing.

A breathable poncho is very important as well, as activities in the summer tend to leave one feeling the heat and you do not want your poncho to add to that.

For the ladies hitting the beach, a poncho could be worn as a cover-up for a more modest look. But should you choose to ditch the poncho, your friends could be able to use it as a beach blanket as well. Also, should it stay in your bag the entire time you are there, it can be used to keep you dry and warm when you get out of the water.


A perfect example of a lightweight poncho that is perfect for summer is the saltillo poncho. It is made of a fine knit acrylic material and is lightweight and breathable. The material is also durable, which makes it able to withstand the elements wherever you choose to wear it – be it at the beach, or on camping trips. It can also be washed multiple times without you having to worry about shrinkage or color fading. Its colors are perfect for the summer time as well.


If your choice of summer activities involve more nature hikes than tanning on the beach, why not go for the bohemian poncho.  Made of a sustainable cotton blend material, it keeps you warm up in the mountains and dry in the rain. As an additional bonus, it comes with a hood too! Just as you can use a poncho as a beach blanket, you can also use one as a picnic blanket if you find the perfect spot for one during your hike!

As long as your summer poncho follows the formula of being lightweight + breathable + versatile, you can never go wrong.

Go forth and purchase your first poncho!