Interior Decorating – A Touch of Mexican

Interior Decorating – A Touch of Mexican

Are you looking at redecorating and want to add a bit of Mexican style that is becoming ever popular these days?
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Firstly we would like the get you on the same page as to what exactly is Mexican style interior decorating, as we are not necessarily talking about rundown old clay villas and saloons in the Mexican desert that you may associate with Mexican style from watching too many John Wayne westerns.

Here is a video snapshot of just what we mean by Mexican spice added to your rooms in interior design.
Mexican Style Interior Decorating Ideas:

As you can see from the video it is often incorporating a lot of bright orange shades in terms of painting as well as whites with hints of Mexican art and traditional decor. Well you’re next question no doubt is going to be…
Where can I buy traditional Mexican items for interior design and home decor? Well the obvious answer is if you or a friend is travelling to Mexico City themselves, otherwise the best place to start looking is the internet.


Let’s start with some simple ideas of how you can add a touch of tasteful Mexican in to your home decor. Whether it’s for an upcoming themed party or something long term, it’s best to stay tasteful. We recommend starting with looking at getting a long serape or table runner of traditional Mexican colours to run across your dining table.

You can buy these from several places online. Generally we have them in stock if you check out our online store and find them in amongst our ponchos. If we do not currently have them available please feel free to contact us and we will look at reordering from Mexico as soon as possible. This same pattern can also be great if you are looking at getting cushions for the couch or even the curtain drapes if you want to go that little bit further.

Of course there is always the obvious little things you could add to the house and especially the kitchen area to give it more of an authentic Mexican feel (this is also applicable if you are looking at decorating a Mexican restaurant). The classic string of red hot chilli peppers is a must, as well as some old tequila bottles, some cactuses and if you really want to go all out we recommend looking at getting some small wooden sculptures – particularly the skeleton mariachi band figures that you probably see getting about and should be able to find them online somewhere.

If you are looking at landscaping outside and want some great ideas of what a Mexican garden looks like we came across this post with some hot tips. It’s generally all to do with colours again. Oranges and terracottas, mosaic tiles and patterned tiles, hanging potted succulent plants and cactus flowers.

The main theme around any Mexican interior design should be good, fun, talking pieces. Whether you can source lamps, art, candles, antiques or anything else that you think would look slightly Mexican – that’s the best way to go, just remember like anything, don’t go overboard and once it’s all done make sure you mix yourself a margarita and enjoy the feeling of Mexico without having to leave the home.