How To Make A Poncho

How To Make A Poncho

how-to-make-a-ponchoThere are many different types of poncho. There is the shoal style poncho often worn as the outer most layer on women to keep warm during winter or as a fashion accessory.

There is the traditional Mexican style poncho that varies in sizes however is generally knee length and covers the shoulders – There is also the rain poncho aka emergency poncho that is more often than not fashioned out of a garbage bag to keep dry at music festivals or sporting events.

If you were simply looking for crochet patterns for ponchos then we also have you covered. For a limited time only we have a special offer on over 100 of the best crochet designs for ponchos compiled in to one e-book that’s available for sale and immediate download here.

It contains many different designs that can be customised to meet your needs ranging from traditional mexican serape ponchos, to women’s fashion ponchos / shoals and also even crochet patterns for children. We also have some instructions below for simpler diy poncho designs for those of us that do not know how to crochet.

Today we are going to teach you how to make a poncho of the traditional Mexican variety.

First off we are going to make a simple poncho from nothing more than a beach towel.

beach-towel-ponchoThis kind of poncho is great to take to the beach and especially suitable for something for the children to wear to protect them from vicious UV rays as well as keep them warm and dry whilst protecting your car seats from getting saturated.

Any color of beach towel will do however we would recommend getting a striped one like pictured to the right than can usually be acquired from most hotels with pools if you are doing this project on a budget and do not want to lash out.

Step 1 is to find some trusty scissors and lay the beach towel out flat on the ground. You will want to find where the middle of the towel is and cut a 20-30cm straight line down the length of the beach towel directly in the middle. This will end up being the hole for your head – Once this step is done your towel poncho is essentially complete – However if you are after something a little bit fancy here are some further tips & instructions that can be followed:

  • Pick a towel with tassels on the end for a more elegant/traditional design.
  • Sew on a zip to the whole this way you can still use the towel to lie down on whilst catching some sun on the beach.
  • Sew on a pocket and you can keep your valuables dry.
  • Find a horse blanket and make a poncho like the video below.

Now after you have finished being super impressed with yourself for making your own poncho and achieving something with for the day you will quickly realise that it is impossible not to have fun whilst wearing your poncho. It is a versatile piece of clothing and is easily washed/dried and worn again and again.

Of course if you are wanting to make a more advanced poncho or serape you have probably realised that it is unlikely you have a loom at home plus five days off work to sit laboring over a woolen poncho, let alone the blisters you will be dealing with for the next couple of weeks to end up with a product that probably won’t be half as good as a poncho that you could have made out of a towel or horse blanket.

But if you are after more of a South American style poncho then feel free to browse our online store. Simply click on one of the poncho images below and you can see all of our fine hand made ponchos that are made in Mexico. We also have a range of sombreros and hats so that you can pick out an entire quality Mexican costume like no other and be the life of the party at your upcoming costume party.
In the future we”ll teach you how to make fleece ponchos too.

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