How to Make A Pinata

How to Make A Pinata

A Pinata or Piñata is a traditional Mexican container that is generally made of papier-mâché and wiring to form a desired shape, it is then filled with lollies or gifts.

So how to make a homemade pinata?

You can read more about the actual game of Piñata here.

We are going to discuss how to actually make a Pinata at home so that at your next party you and your friends can enjoy the traditional Mexican party game.

To make a Pinata – First we need to decide on the shape we want to make. For this example we are going to start off with how to make a basic balloon Pinata and we can progress from there.

pinatabeeThings we will need:

  • 1 regular/large size balloon
  • Paper-mache ingredients (flour, water, salt)
  • Orange Crepe Paper
  • Old Newspapers
  • Bee Decorations.

Step 1: Blow up the baloon to a decent size, the colour of the balooon does not matter as it will not be seen.

Step 2: Get a large bowl and mix one part flour (2 cups), one part water (2 cups), and a tablespoon of salt. Stir this mixture until it reaches thick gluggy mixture – this is the paper-mache mixture.

Step 3: Cut up or tear strips of newspaper (or alike) and dip them in the paper-mache mixture, remove any excess mixture from the strips and gently lay them out over the balloon. First cover the whole balloon in strips, wait for it to dry and then repeat the process. Ideally you want 3-4 layers of paper-mache strips on the balloon. Again – the colour of newspaper does not matter as it will not be seen. Once you have completed this allow for everything to dry, this should only take 30mins-1 hour and the balloon will be hard once its ready for next step.

Step 4:  At the top of the balloon (where you would have tied it off originally) make a small hole that is large enough to insert the lollies/gifts you are putting in the Pinata, you can do this with the blade of a scissor.

Step 5: Cut the orange crepe paper in to thin strips, long enough to go around the balloon once. Begin at the base of the balloon by gluing strips of the crepe paper and work your way up so that each layer overlays the previous one to give the beehive look. Once this is complete allow for drying and then glue on your decorative bees that can be purchased at any arts and craft store or alternatively they can be made with pipe cleaners. Now that your Pinata is complete all you need to do is fill it with treats and hang it from a string somewhere.


If you are feeling creative or want to make a more elaborate Pinata, we have a video below to see how to do this. Be sure to make your next Mexican Party complete and check out our range of traditional Mexican Ponchos.