How to Dress Mexican

How to Dress Mexican

Do you have a Mexican themed party coming up and are wondering how to dress like a Mexican?

Firstly we will take a look at what males can wear to make the look like authentic Mexicans. how do mexicans dress?

The Hat is probably the easiest item to select. We would suggest starting with a quality Mexican Sombrero which can be purchased directly here.

To accompany the hat we would also suggest that you look at either making or purchasing a handle-bar style Mexican moustache.

Next is the main garmet. The best option is a traditional Mexican Poncho which can easily be purchased here. Ponchos are comfortable, cover the most part of your body so they are warm and can be purchased in assorted colours and styles to make you look vibrant or like a Mexican Bandit if that is the look you are after. If you are looking to accessorize more with your Poncho than you can look to add some kind of Mexican scarf of a leather bullet belt slung over the Poncho. Alternatively you can also look to wear a short sleeve coloured shirt with traditional Mexican patterns as pictured below or a Mexican Charro embroided suit. This may be expensive to purchase but they look great and will really give you that The Tree Amigos costume look.

How to Dress Mexican – Men












How to Dress Mexican – Female











For Women to dress Mexican at a Mexican themed party than they can often wear the exact same clothes as males can. A simple or elegant designed Poncho is the easiest way to instantly give you that authentic Mexican look.

If you are after something else we would suggest a Mexican style Fiesta dress. These can be expensive to purchase although you may find your local costume store has them for rent.

Make sure that you also check out our sequence Mexican Sombreros at our Online Store to add to your Mexican look.

Here is a video to give you some more ideas on How to Dress Mexican 🙂