Hippie Clothing and the history of the Baja Jumper

Hippie Clothing and the history of the Baja Jumper

In this article we take a look at hippie clothing/hippie clothes and the history of the Baja jumper.

Hippie/Hippy is a term that originate in the 1960’s in California originating from the term ‘hipster’ and was originally used to define the beatnik generation, however in modern day it is generally used to describe people who live differently from the status quo. Typically Hippies are free-spirited, fun-loving people and that is replicated in what we see of their fashion and culture. Hippies often wear brightly colored clothing and styles that would be considered unusual to many. Including tie-dye, long flowing dresses/skirts & many clothes that are inspired by native and Latin American cultures. The clothing is also usually organic and from fair-trade practices and usually purchased at flea-markets or even hand made.


Hippie Style Clothing

The item of clothing we are going to take a look at today is the Baja Jumper or otherwise known as the Jerga Hoodie or Drug Rug (slang term) which originates from Baja, California, Mexico and became popular in the 1970’s amongst surfers and hippies alike who were after baggy hooded shirts in the cooler weather or after coming in from a surf. Traditionally these clothes were worn by the ‘cholo’ styled youth in Mexico and known as ‘sudadera de jerga’ however these were shorter sleeve versions and vary from the Baja Surf Hoodie that we all know today which has basically being modified to look like a hooded poncho that can have sleeves or be more free-flowing.

The Baja can come in a few different cuts including jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and the poncho. It is called a poncho because it replicates the pattern of traditional Mexican Serape blankets and can often look like its made from recycled fabrics due to the brushed hippie look of the material. They are made using organic materials and dies and are very soft on the skin and are made all over the world now and can often be seen worn on the beaches and at music festivals. They are the perfect outer garmet to wear that is non-restrictive and generally have a kangaroo pouch at the front to keep all your belongings.

Nepalese-Hooded-Poncho-BajaHere at Mexican Poncho we wanted to make sure that we would be able to offer our customers the Baja Hooded Poncho in all its glory and that’s why we set out to find a supplier that was in the spirit of how they were made traditionally and not just some sweat-shop in China. We wanted it to be made by a family business and hence why we found a Tibetan immigrant family in Nepal that make them all by hand using traditional methods and the end result is astounding. No two pieces are the same; making them both unique and a talking piece at the same time.

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Colors and patterns can vary from season to season however feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get the style of pattern you are after.