Hats for your Mexican Costume

Hats for your Mexican Costume

Do you have a Mexican Fiesta themed party coming up or a fancy dress event and are trying to decide on hats for your Mexican Costume?

Maybe you are dressing as a cactus or wondering what hat will go with your salsa dress. Well in this article we are going to take a look at some traditional and some new Mexican style hats so you have a few to choose from and will definitely be the best dressed of the day/night. There are many mexican costume ideas to choose from.(i.e Mexican Poncho)

First up is everyone’s favorite – The wide brimmed/high crowned Mexican Sombrero.

This hat dates back to as far as the 13th century and the word sombrero itself translates roughly to ‘shade maker’. They are generally made out of woven straw however there is fancier charro sombreros as well that are traditionally worn to weddings and special occasions as well as seen on the silver screen by Mariachi bands and in the movie The Three Amigos. We have a range of fancy sombreros available on our online store for you to browse through. They are all hand made in Mexico and look great as decorations on the wall once your fancy dress party is over.

Fancy Mexican Sombrero

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The next hat we have as a suggestion, although not directly connected to Mexican origin is the Inca Beanie or Chullo as it is traditionally known. This is a woolen hat typically made from llama or alpaca wool that covers the ears and head and has tassels that hang down and can be tied around your chin or hang freely. They were originally worn around the Andean Mountain region of South America however have become popular amongst travelers, hippies and young people looking for a unique/trendy piece of clothing that is also great at keeping you warm. We have some hand made ones available at our online store that are 100% wool and have fur lining, you can browse them all here.


If you’re a female and looking for a piece of head wear or something to simply jazz up your Mexican dress, we would recommend that you look at getting some flowers and putting them in the hair. Traditionally the hair is worn up in a bun and cactus flowers are fastened to the hair – this is common practice for salsa style dresses and at Mexican street parties and the likes.

The final item of Mexican head wear that we are going to take a look at is that of the famous Mexican Wrestling Mask. Made famous by Rey Mysterio, this is a full fask mask that is fastened at the back that is worn by Mexican Wrestlers, they range from cheap to very extravagant and often take themes from Day of the Dead style costumes and would be a great choice for your costume if you want to remain incognito.


If you are still stumped with what to wear we recommend that you go the old fashion sombrero. You won’t regret buying one if it’s a sunny day and is versatile, it can easily be turned around and used as a basket to carry your beers home at the end of the night or worn on a hot summers day at the cricket.