Halloween 2014 Ideas – Mexican Style

Halloween 2014 Ideas – Mexican Style

Halloween 2014 Ideas – Mexican Style

Halloween in Mexico might not be a Mexican holiday by rights, but Mexican culture has numerous holidays and traditions that revolve around the concept of dark humor and costumes these are halloween traditions in Mexico. For example, the Mexicans have their own holiday dedicated to honoring their ancestors through celebration and costume – the so called “Day of the Dead” that comes immediately after Halloween in the rest of the world. One great way to liven up your own mexico Halloween is to inject a little Mexican flair into your Halloween costume this year – and there are so many great Mexican costumes to choose from.  From the sultry bandit to the flamboyant bull-fighter, Mexico has spawned a bewildering variety of cultural archetypes that all make immediately recognizable costume combinations-halloween Mexico!.

Mariachi Band Costume

If you have a big group of people that you are struggling to find a costume for, a Mariachi Band ensemble is the perfect choice. Since Mariachi bands have such clearly defined styles, and the costume pieces are widely available throughout the world, you should be able to put together a very successful group costume. Bonus points if you bring instruments with you, and double bonus points if you all know how to use them.


Awesome Double Costumes

If you can convince a friend to share in the fun – double costumes are the way to go. Plenty of people have the commitment to do elaborate costumes for Halloween, but how many do double-costumes that require two people? If you want to keep the Mexican theme – there are both donkey and bull costumes that wouldn’t be out of place – and you can add Mexican accessories (like a poncho for the donkey and a sombrero for the bull) that are humorous and thematic.  For added authenticity, have one of your friends dress up as a bull fighter or a cowboy!

Tequila Girl for a Party

In many Mexican bars (especially the bars around the Spring-Break happy areas like Cancun) there are specially dressed “tequila girls” that are sponsored by tequila companies and go around the bars giving free shots of tequila to people. What better way to liven up a Halloween party than your very own tequila girl? Have one of your friends dress up as a tequila girl, and supply them with fun ways to serve tequila to people – like squirt guns that they can use to squirt tequila into the mouths of your guests.

Make Sangria Instead of Punch

Tired of boring punch? It seems like everyone follows the same basic formula for the creation of their Halloween punch – and it always turns out devoid of flavor and flat on personality. If you want to have truly amazing punch – take a page from the Mexican playbook and use sangria. One of the best sangria recipes that we have ever used is below:

Fool-proof Sangria

1 bottle of red (or white) wine – the dryer the better!

1 cup of fresh mint leaves

1 cup of fresh lemon verbena

1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit – like peach slices or blackberries

1 cup of Grand Marnier

1 cup of ginger ale

By keeping the proportions simple and easy to remember, this is an easy recipe to scale up depending on the size of your party. Make sure you muddle the mint leaves and verbena along with the fruit – and make the punch at least an hour before the party to give the flavors some time to develop.