Hilarious Mexican Costumes People Have Worn

Hilarious Mexican Costumes People Have Worn


It’s no surprise that costume parties are becoming bigger and bigger. Having a costume theme can turn even the lamest soirée in to a night to remember – at absolute worst at least the photos generally won’t suck if everyone puts in a bit of effort.

So with all these costume parties happening these days what does it take to stand out?

Maybe your that guy that wants to walk in to the party ala Kenny Powers walking down the Hallway in Eastbound & Down imagining everyone staring and clapping at him as he struts his stuff and flicks his hair. Or maybe your that girl that doesn’t want to wear the same angel wings costume that every other girl in your class is wearing to the upcoming ‘white’ themed costume party. Well we are going to take a look at one sure way of not only standing out whilst not being that guy that passes out from too much punch and that’s wearing a funny costume, specifically the funniest Mexican costumes since that is what we specialize in here at Mexican Poncho.

mexican donkey cowboyFirstly we will take a look at what we thought was an outrageously funny costume that is just about as Mexican themed as they come. Of course it’s a Mexican Donkey riding costume and has nothing to do with the sexual innuendo we originally thought that this hilarious costume did…

It features a poncho clad man/woman ‘riding’ a donkey and as you can see from the picture your legs actually become the donkeys legs giving you your own much shorter legs by your waist making it all the more ridiculous. The actual donkey part of this costume can be purchased online however for the actual poncho and sombrero part we recommend that you check out our range of premium Mexican costumes so that it doesn’t look like some cheap poncho/sombrero combo that you got free with your fifth margarita at Taco Bills restaurant a couple of days ago, or was it a couple of weeks ago? you probably don’t remember, and rightfully so.



Do you own a pet dog? Do your neighbors own a pet dog? Can you borrow your sisters tortoise?

These are all the questions that you should be asking yourself if you want to go next level, have some mexican costume ideas,  with your funny Mexican costume and take a long your beloved chihuahua as a pet taco. Not only will your dog be able to work the crowd and sniff out where people are hiding their beers, but he will also guarantee you to win best dressed for the night at your next Mexican themed party. Just make sure that you either take the costume off your dog or leave before all the other nachos and tacos get eaten – you don’t want your drunk mates thinking your baby chihuahua is actually a delicious taco! And don’t be worried yes there are also adult taco costumes available on the internet in case you want to match costumes with your dog.

Now of course there are also those of you that either can’t be bothered renting a costume because you have a bad track record with returning them (in tact) or you don’t want to fork out a couple of hundred dollars on a costume that is probably better spent on a nice tequila. Well we don’t blame you and although we do stock a range of cheap ponchos in our online store you are probably looking for something that’s going to get some laughs. Well here are a few cheap, funny costume ideas for a Mexican themed party:

  • Sleepy Mexican janitor costume
  • Prickly cactus costume
  • Bumble Bee Man costume
  • Mexican Wrestler costume
  • Pinata costume
  • Bottle of Tequila costume

Of course there is no hard and fast rule to making a costume funny but usually if it’s out of home made goods or anything lying around the shed its bound to get some laughs out of your ingenuity or lack there of.