Five Unique Uses for a Mexican Poncho

Five Unique Uses for a Mexican Poncho

Sure, the mexican poncho is a great clothing item – and a fantastic addition to a period-accurate costume or uniform… but what else can it do?

Throughout the world, the poncho is known as the most versatile clothing item in existence, and it is used for everything from raingear to pajamas.  mexican ponchos can also be used in a variety of “non-clothing” applications, so don’t think that your poncho is just going to sit in the closet between costume parties.  Buying a mexican poncho hoodie  will add a festive burst of color into your life, and these tips will help you get the most out of your new purchase.


The Mexican poncho was invented by a rough-and-tumble nation of cattle ranchers and farmers, so it needed to stand up to the hot sun and the freezing rain.  Since it is made out of wool, the Mexican poncho keeps its insulating properties even when it gets wet – unlike expensive down jackets that become soggy and compressed.  Wool is also naturally wind-proof, so you can huddle behind the protective shield of your poncho whether you are chasing cattle out on the range or chasing a taxi in the city.  Our most rugged poncho is also big enough to protect your entire body from the elements.



For when you’re feeling like a super-hero, the Mexican poncho easily converts into a brightly colored cape.  You might not be able to fly over buildings (we’d prefer you stay safely on the ground) but your spirits will soar with such a playful accessory.


Whether you are huddled on the couch watching your favorite TV show, or clutching a cup of hot chocolate around the fire – a wool blanket can make all the difference in your comfort.  Wool has been used by generations of people to keep out the chill – and our wool ponchos are much more comfortable because the “scratchiness” of the wool has been minimized with our high-quality manufacturing techniques.  Mexican ponchos make great “snuggie” style blankets, and you can still use your hands for the remote control and the wine glass.  For a limited time, one of our ponchos even comes with a free fur hat, imagine how warm you’ll be!

Picnic Rug

If your poncho starts to show signs that it is becoming a bit worn down through love and use, you can always repurpose it into a useful and comfortable picnic rug.  Since ponchos are already so colorful and festive, they are the perfect backdrop to an outdoor meal – and they keep your dining surface clean and ant-free.

Decorative Wall Art

Make any room a cantina with a Mexican poncho hanging on the wall.  Perfect for kitchens or living rooms, a poncho will make an eye-catching centerpiece to your Mexican-themed décor, or a great memento of your travels around the world.  Unlike many decorations, our Mexican ponchos
are equally at home as rugged clothing items as they are novelty décor. Our Mexican Ponchos are brightly colored, and they resist fading even if you display them in direct sunlight!  You can even hang our Mexican Ponchos outdoors, on covered porches or in your sunroom.