10 most famous ponchos on TV

10 most famous ponchos on TV

It would be too easy to put together a list of famous ponchos worn in Westerns. So this list is excluding the likes of John Wayne & Clint Eastwood and is 10 famous ponchos that are worth taking a look back at either worn by actors in classic movies or worn by celebrities in every day life.

At Numer 10 comes this black and white Incan style design worn by Kim Kardashian, only because wearing a poncho makes you at least 5 times cooler – bring Kim to a total score of 5.

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At number 9 is this tan brown poncho worn by former American president George W Bush. If any one can pull off the poncho over suit look, its probably not hime – but props for trying.

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At number 8 is this emergency poncho worn by legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. We don’t know why it was necessary to wear one over what looks like a waterproof jacket, but we won’t argue with the godfather of swagger.

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Numero 7 is this security poncho worn by Bruce Willis‘ character David Dunn in ‘Unbreakable’

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Number 6 is Seattle rap singer / thriftshopper Macklemore who is famous for his eccentric style in dress on stage and we think he pulled off the poncho well.

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Number 5 is the infamous poncho worn by Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episode IV A NEW HOPE. The force is strong with those who choose to wear a poncho while they kick some stormtrooper butt.

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Number 4 is this mysterious woman. We are not sure whether she is on her way to a mexican dress up party or just wondering the desert looking amazing, but she is ok in our books.

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At number 3 is this bloke who some how has modified a tent in to a poncho with ski poles? Your guess is as good as ours of why this invention exists…

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Coming in at number 2 is actor/musician Jared Leto has recently taken to wearing his mexican style ponchos daily around the streets of Hollywood, after all it would be rude not to.

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Number 1 is the uber cool designed poncho worn by Daryl Dixon in the flesh-eating zombie TV series ‘The Walking Dead’.

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