Clint Eastwood Poncho

Clint Eastwood Poncho

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is one of the best westerns that Hollywood has ever produced.

It is well directed, comes with an excellent cast and has a compelling story. It is actually a part of a trilogy of movies collectively dubbed as spaghetti westerns. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is the last installment and probably the best. One of the standouts of the series was, of course, a young Clint Eastwood whose portrayal of the gunfighter “Blondie” (The Good) was probably one of his most memorable. It is not only Clint’s acting that took the limelight but also his costume, especially his olive green poncho that has come to be known as the Clint Eastwood poncho. Since the movie’s release, it has become a much sought after piece for men who want to dress up as cowboys.

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No one can blame anyone who would want to have the Blondie look. The guy looked tough and stylish at the same time. And Clint, with his trademark sneer, pulled it off just fine. One interesting trivia about the original poncho was that it was never replaced or even washed for all the three movies. There was a scene in A Fistful of Dollars, the first movie in the spaghetti western series, where Blondie was shot seven times. In the second movie, For a Few Dollars More, the mended holes can be seen visibly and area where the holes used to be was shifted from the chest to the right shoulder. Talk about paying attention to continuity.

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The poncho is actually a traditional piece of native American outer garment designed to keep the wearer warm during the cold season. Ponchos can also serve as protection from the rain that’s why they are usually made from materials that are water resistant. It is usually made from one large piece of fabric with a hole in the center where the wearer can put in his head. Some ponchos even have hoods for protection against rain and wind. The Clint Eastwood poncho is a simple one with patterns that is also very traditional. But the movie and Clint has transformed it into a film icon that will be remembered for a long time.
The poncho was traditionally worn by men. In modern times though, it has become a fashion item then women started wearing them as well. The basic shape of the modern poncho is still the same but the material is different as it now rarely used as protection against the rain. It is not unusual nowadays to see ponchos that are made from knitted or crocheted wool or yarn in often in different festive colors. It can actually serve as a replacement for the jacket or blazer. You can easily buy ponchos nowadays because many clothes manufacturers actually make this very useful piece of clothing.
But if it is the Cline Eastwood poncho you are looking for then you have to get the look right. If you want to have the Blondie look down to the last detail, then you need to get an olive green poncho with the right pattern. Instead of looking for a Clint Eastwood poncho in a regular store, you will have better luck in a store that sells costume or Hollywood memorabilia. You would be surprised that even with the younger generation nowadays, the spaghetti western look is still very popular. A search online would probably give you hundreds of thousands of results most of which are pointing to websites that are trying to sell Clint Eastwood poncho.

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If you want to really look like Blondie though then getting the right Clint Eastwood poncho is not enough. You need to complete your costume. After taking care of the poncho, you need to find a good cowboy hat. In the trilogy, Clint is wearing a worn out brown hat which is a pretty common color and not hard to find. If you can’t find a brown one, go for a darker color such as gray or black. Under the poncho, you can simply wear a white long-sleeved shirt and a brown vest.
For the pants, you can simply wear jeans because that is actually what cowboy’s used to wear in the old days. The more worn out looking, the better. The fit must be right though. Real cowboys wear either straight or tight fitting jeans. Loose or baggy pants simply won’t do. You would also need a genuine looking cowboy boots. You can actually buy new boots nowadays that have a weathered look. A pair of those would be perfect for your spaghetti western costume. To add a dash of authenticity to your outfit, don’t forget to put real spurs on your boots which you can buy separately.
Now, no self-respecting gunfighter would go out without a gun right? Blondie’s Colt 45 is one of the meanest western weapons in the days of old. Of course, it is not advisable or safe to carry a real gun so go get yourself a Colt 45 replica. Don’t forget to get a nice looking holster for it. Now that your Blondie look is complete, study Clint Eastwood’s stance and signature facial expression. One of the most obvious things about the guy is that he doesn’t smile. So try not to chuckle while wearing your spaghetti western outfit. Oh, and don’t forget to put a cigarette in your mouth.
If you simply want to achieve the spaghetti western look for a costume party or an event, then the items being sold by costume shops will probably be enough for you. But if you are a serious collector, then you need to be more discerning with the items being offered before making a purchase. You can find a lot of people selling the Clint Eastwood poncho and other spaghetti western memorabilia on eBay and even Amazon. But they are not all the same. You must be very careful because these collectibles don’t come cheap. In fact, a Clint Eastwood poncho alone can cost $300 or more. Once you a Clint Eastwood that is close to the original though, then you will be the proud owner of a piece that represents an important part of Hollywood history.

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