Clint Eastwood Hat makes the 10 Most Famous Hats

Clint Eastwood Hat makes the 10 Most Famous Hats

Welcome to our list of the 10 Most Famous Hats.

This is by no means a definitive list, as it is simply aimed at helping you choose a hat for an upcoming fancy dress party with the theme of ‘famous movie hats‘ or similar. If you are interested in getting a Clint Eastwood Hat or a Sombrero, we sell them on our site.

Hats are undoubtedly the most understated accessory. Teaming up a hat appropriately with your outfit can instantly enhance your appeal. From time immemorial, they have been worn by people and still remain very much in trend. Let us have a look at the most famous hats of all times.

10. Boater – Generally meant to be worn in summers, boater is a kind of straw hat. These hats have brims, flat tops which are stiff and usually ribbon around the crown. They can be worn along with both casual and formal wear.









9. Fez – Unlike other hats, Fez has no brims and is commonly made up of red felt. Its shape is that of a short cylinder or a truncated cone with a tassel affixed over the top.








8. Bowler – These hats can be best described as hats with hard felt and that which have rounded crowns. At one time they were regarded as cultural identifiers. These are the ones that Charlie Chaplin used to wear.











7. Newsboy Cap – The Gatsby, popularly known as the newsboy cap, was famous among both young boys and men during the late 19th century as well as in the earlier half of the 20th century. Now, they are more so linked with golfers or newspaper boys.









6. Top Hat – As the name says, this hat has a tall and flat crown with broad brim. This hat was fancied by President Lincoln too.










5. Baseball cap – These caps are still widely used by people of all age groups. These caps are soft, have a rounded crown with a stiff peak at the front. The front usually contains logos and designs of brands or sports teams.








4. Sombrero – Sombreros are significant when it comes to Mexican culture and people can be seen wearing them at various traditional Mexican celebrations. These have a high pointed crown. They have a wide brim which is a bit upturned at the rim.

Fancy Mexican Sombrero







3. Beret – Once regarded as France’s national hat, beret is often stereotyped as a trademark of movie directors. It can be characterized as a round, soft and flat-crowned hat that is woven using materials like acrylic fabric, crocheted cotton etc.










2. Fedora – Fedora has been a popular type of hat particularly known for its stylish look. Apart from giving the wearer a classy look, these hats protect from weather as well. These have been sported by Hollywood actors in gangster or detective roles.








 1. Clint Eastwood Hat – or rather the Cowboy Hat that Clint Eastwood wore in many classic western movies will always continue to lead in terms of popularity of the hats. Most of the people know these hats as cowboy hats which became a rage during earlier decades. Highly functional as well as modish, Clint Eastwood Hat is often the first choice of people who wish to maintain their style quotient. You can purchase a quality replica of Clint Eastwood’s famous hat and costume  from The Good The Bad and The Ugly(clint eastwood hat good bad ugly) over at our store here.