Celebrities wearing ponchos

Celebrities wearing ponchos

game of thrones costume poncho woolen jacketWith Winter quickly approaching it’s become that time of the year to start showing off your outerwear again. Whether it be your scarf, jacket or coat – We all know there is nothing better than staying warm through winter and not having to worry about wearing that bikini so much.


Trendsetters and fashion conscious people around the globe are starting to look for new and innovative ways to stay warm this winter that look both fashionable and unique. That’s where our Mexican Ponchos come in. They will keep you warm, can be worn as the outer most layer over your last seasons clothes you don’t want to be seen and can easily be paired with leggings, pants or boots to keep your whole body warm.


fashion hollywood ponchoCelebrities alike are all trying to set new trends as winter approaches. To the right you can see oscar winner Shirley Maclaine sporting a fashionable red, grey and khaki green mexican style poncho with traditional tassels in Malibu. These ponchos are perfect as the outermost layer and also a lot more fashionable than wearing that dreaded plastic rain poncho.




Lily Allen mexican poncho” alt=”black and white mexican poncho buy now” src=”https://themexicanponcho.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/poncho-lily-allen-199×300.jpg” width=”199″ height=”300″ />To the right is lovable musician Lily Allen hiding away her baby bump in this designer poncho by Louis Vuitton. It is not only warm and practical and easy to match with accessories but also means that you don’t have to worry about putting on that winter weight to stay warm.





fashion mexican girl wearing poncho hollywood reality tv starNot one to shy away from the camera, pictured to the right is reality TV star Snooki, sporting a colorful and vibrant poncho. We love this hippie look with the headband and ripped jeans and think it would be the perfect clothing to wear out shopping on the weekend or alternatively going to a music festival like splendour in the grass and rocking out in your poncho.




woollen warm camel poncho hollywood costumeFinally here is Jessica Simpson looking very warm and fashionable in New York city wearing a turtleneck style light brown poncho with sunglasses and leather gloves.