Camping or Hiking? Make sure you bring your Poncho!

Camping or Hiking? Make sure you bring your Poncho!

There is simply nothing more refreshing than a brisk hike in nature, but camping and hiking comes with certain risks.


When you are participating in outdoor recreation, you need to be acutely aware of the conditions outside – since weather and unexpected storms can put a damper on your weekend fun.  When you are building a packing list for your next camping trip or day-hike, remember to pack your wool poncho as well.  Whether it is hot or cold, dry or wet, your camping poncho will serve as your trusty and steadfast companion as you explore the great outdoors.

Stay Dry in the Rain – Poncho Camping at it’s finest

Every time you go camping, you should always check the weather first… but also prepare for the inevitable burst of rain that seems to happen every time you set up a campsite on a perfect day.  Rain jackets and umbrellas are bulky, single purpose, and they won’t keep you warm – but a wool poncho can repel the rain while keeping you nice and toasty inside.  Wool ponchos were used for centuries by cattle ranchers and farmers throughout the world – and they stand up to the harshest conditions that nature can throw at you.

Stay Warm and Snug – Camp Blanket Poncho

Wool is naturally one of the best insulators around.  Have you ever seen a cold looking sheep?  Of course not!  A high-quality poncho can keep your body heat trapped against your body while still breathing more than a synthetic jacket – so you won’t sweat underneath your clothing.  Wool is also one of the only materials in the world that stays warm when it gets wet!  Down jackets tend to compress when they get wet, so they have virtually no insulating properties once they are damp. Wool stays warm no matter what – making it perfect for emergencies.

A Pillow When you need it

When every ounce is important, and you are trying your best to cram everything you need for a weekend into a tiny bag, sometimes it’s the little luxuries that get overlooked.  Don’t go without a soft place to rest your head – bring your wool poncho along with you on your trip.  Wool ponchos are extremely soft, and they give you a versatile solution to your pillow requirements.

Use it for Packing

Wool ponchos are the most durable clothing item you can own – so you don’t need to baby a poncho like you have to baby a down jacket or a sleeping bag.  Go ahead and line your pack with your wool poncho to keep all of your pack contents from getting damaged.  Use your poncho as a blanket to pitch the perfect picnic site on the ground.  Your poncho can take all the abuse you can throw at it, and with just a simple washing it will be good as new again when you return home.

Appreciate History

With a wool poncho, you are connecting with generations of outdoorsmen that came before you.  Thousands of Mexican ranchers sat under the stars with ponchos just like these – and wool ponchos have protected people from the mountains of the Himalayas to the rainforests of South America.  With a wool poncho, you too can be an explorer.