Where to buy wholesale Mexican products

Where to buy wholesale Mexican products

We have being receiving numerous emails requesting where to buy wholesale Mexican products online so thought that we would put together a list of various products that you can import from Mexico as well as suppliers of quality goods at wholesale prices.

If you are purely interested in wholesale orders of Mexican Ponchos than you can contact us directly here for quotes, for everything else please take a look at our in depth article below.


Whether you are after Mexican blankets, Mexican ponchos, sombreros, charro costumes, mariachi costumes, blankets, hats, hand made goods, maracas, cerveza beers, tequila, pinatas or anything in between we have put together the largest list of Mexican wholesalers on the internet as well as where to begin, especially if you are beginning an online business and want to sell or distribute Mexican made goods.

Whether you own a market stall and sell direct to the public, a costume business, an alcohol business or an online e-commerce store (worldwide or Australia) the first thing you will always need to work out is what goods you actually want to sell from Mexico. Let’s say for example you want to sell Mexican blankets at a local market and need to find a supplier but as soon as you google ‘Mexican blanket wholesaler’ you are inundated with various websites and do not know where to begin. Well you are in the right spot. Here at Mexican Poncho we are the number one retailer of ponchos worldwide and also sell an extensive range of hats, costumes, sombreros and Clint Eastwood costumes – however we also have extensive knowledge in where to find suppliers in Mexico.

Once you have established exactly what kind of products you are looking for we have compiled a list below of potential suppliers in Mexico.


First we will take a look at textiles. This ranges from blankets, serapes, ponchos, shawls, scarfs and anything else that’s generally knitted, crocheted or made on a loom. Mexico is well known for these products and although you can buy a lot of them out of China at cheaper prices – we recommend finding authentic ones from Mexico. Mexico’s number one town for textile suppliers is Tlaxcala, however remember that if you just google search for textile factories in Tlaxcala most of them will not speak the best English so you may well be better initially employing a spanish translator to either make a phone call or send an email and go from there. You will be able to find a long list of suppliers and textile factories either via Google, local business phone directories, amazon or even try Ali Baba (this can sometimes be more secure however minimum order quantities can be a lot higher if it’s only a small amount you want for a local arts and crafts market stall)

If you are located in Australia – try searching on google for Australian pages only. They may be more expensive but will often do smaller order quantities of quality Mexican serapes, blankets and even hammocks that can even be a great way to decorate a restaurant, themed bar or Mexican themed party you have coming up.

Remember that when importing anything from Mexico, whether it’s beer, material or wooden products that you should always check the customs regulations of whether you are allowed to import it in to the country, whether you will need a licence and if there is going to be any hidden costs associated such as fumigation, taxes, transportation etc as it all can get very expensive.

Next we will take a look at a very popular one and thats alcohol. This covers both importing cervezas/tequilas as well as beer paraphernalia and merchandise. If you are just after the most popular beers such as Corona, Sol or DosXX you can often find them at good prices on Ali Baba and not even have to necessarily get them from Mexico and they will still be made/bottled there. For harder to find beers or localised Mexican beers and cervezas check out Trade Link Consulting website that should be able to supply you with what you need. In regards to Mexican tequilas and liquors most of them are also on Ali Baba unless it’s a boutique one you are after. For these we recommend searching google and going to the actual companies website and contacting them. Some of them will have exclusive suppliers in certain countries but it cannot hurt to contact them and find out. For all your beer merchandise needs, whether it’s neon signs, lights, towels, key rings, hats etc. the best place is to get email addresses for reps at beer companies. You can find a heap of knock-off stuff on ebay and Ali Baba which may suit what you are looking for, however remember if you are going to copy other peoples merchandise or use their logos you will need to seek permission first from the copyright holder.

Mexico City is renowned for their hand made goods and if you are looking at importing from there you have more than likely being over there to the markets and seen just how cheap some of their hand made goods are that clearly a lot of work and hours go in to. It can be tricky to find suppliers for arts/craft things at these kind of prices that they offer and especially since the actual suppliers often do not have websites in English or even websites at all. The best thing you can do is to have someone on the ground in Mexico actually tracking down suppliers for you. If you do not know anyone in Mexico, there is plenty of sites where you can look to hire personal assistants or translators in Mexico. It may well require a trip over there at some point – however this is obviously a positive as Mexico is an amazing place to visit and the people are very helpful in helping you to source their products as it generally means you are supporting local Mexican businesses.

If you have any questions relating to which cities are best for certain products or are after prices on what we can wholesale blankets, ponchos, sombreros or any of the other goods we have in our online store feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.