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Looking to watch For A Few Dollars More Online Free ? First screening in 1965 this was Italian director Sergio Leone’s much anticipated follow up to Fistful of Dollars. Starring Clint Eastwood as the infamous Man With No Name and Lee Van Cleef as Col. Douglas Mortimer. The story follows two bounty hunters that are both after the same man, but is it for the same reason? Often labelled as the most brutal of the Spaghetti Western Trilogy; For A Few Dollars More ‘Per qualche dollaro in più’ is a classic no holds-barred bounty hunter tale of two gunslingers just looking to track, kill and collect their bounties. Watch the original trailer below and then you can stream the full feature length movie below in High Definition.  You can find costumes similar to Clint Eastwoods poncho here.


Stream full movie of For A Few Dollars More Online Free below:


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