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You can watch a fistful of dollars online free right here! We have the movie trailer and the full movie below.

In 1964 Sergio Leone brought out A Fistful of Dollars information – reviews & more A Fistful of Dollars (“Per un pugno di dollari”) the first of three movies in a trilogy that would redefine and set a new benchmark in the western/cowboy movie genre and was also the first movie to be dubbed Spaghetti Western. This was the movie that shot a then 24 year old Clint Eastwood Biography and Western Movie Information Clint Eastwood in to the spot light as the infamous ‘Blondie’ or ‘Man with no Name‘. We are often asked ‘where can i watch A Fistful of Dollars online for free – well you are in the right spot, we have embedded both the original trailer and the full length movie in English for your viewing pleasure.


A fistful of dollars cast


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