Mexican Fiesta Costumes

Are you going to a Mexican fiesta and confused about what to wear?

Fear not, as hear we discuss exactly what mexican fiesta costume to wear for both Men & Women. However first we will take a look at the origins and culture behind fiestas. Fiestas are a carnivals or parties based on culture of Spanish and have spread through out Central America - particularly in Mexico. They occur throughout a variety of religious & historical days and are popular today to have as themes of parties in western culture, usually involving food, mexican themed alcoholic drinks, party games such as Piñata and lots of dancing and singing.

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas Banner Margaritas, Donkeys, Sombreros and other Mexican Fiesta party ideas for your next themed party    

Men's Costume suggestions for Mexican fiesta Men may go for some artistic options such as wearing a shirt with pattern or a button up shirt along with khaki pants for a laid back appearance. In case one desires to go for additional adventurous option, then select a poncho of any bright color. As stated by the American Museum of Natural History, the trend of ponchos started initially in Peru however the fashion afterward extended to Mexico. One may also go for pants of white color along with a black colored shirt while unbuttoning a small number of additional buttons than customary. One may also tie a scarf made up of silk around one’s waist for a real glitzy Mexican fiesta appearance.  

Women's costume suggestions for Mexican fiesta: In case one prefers to boast about one’s diminutive waist or may be the cleavage, then one may select long, graceful floral print skirts along with a tight fit monotone top or blouse. Moreover, in case one prefers to show off legs while hiding one’s waist, select a loose fit patterned top with denim jeans or with skirt of black color. However, another excellent option is a peasant top of white color with embroidery of flowers pattern. In case, one desires to be present at the fiesta with additional modesty, choose a Mexican peasant clothing. Numerous well-liked online shops provide peasant tops very easily such as eBay & Etsy. For selecting the best accessories that offer the Mexican fiesta appearance, one may go for hoop or may be gold chandelier jewelry. A huge hibiscus or a flower made up of paper in one’s hair may be a nice touch also. For selecting the nail-polish, one may go for a deep cherry for matching the dark shade of red lip color. Espadrilles are stylish & comfy shoes for the Mexican fiesta.


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