Mexican Costumes for Men

Whenever we talk about Mexican fashion for men we usually consider ponchos & sombreros which were worn in the Hollywood movies. If you are a looking for Mexican costumes for men, read on.

While dressing up for a Mexican fiesta, one must keep in mind that Mexican men are all with reference to being macho. They lay an extreme significance in their maleness & may not let anybody or something compromising that. Mexican men posses a transmittable fervor concerning it, that is evidently seen in their doing, eating, drinking, loving, hating and so on. So, one will certainly require an excellent male set of clothes for having a true Mexican look.


One may try out a pair of tight cut offs along with a harmonizing jacket & a white shirt along with ruffles at the collar, for giving the impression of being furious matador. One may also choose a loose printed piece of clothing that seems to be like a shawl which is known as a serape along with comfy trousers. One may top it with a huge sombrero &may be holding a guitar in one’s hand. An additional alternative for men, is wearing a pair of faded jeans along with a traditional poncho with vibrant colored design. Along with this, one may go for a big straw hat or an actual sombrero in case one may manage it & one can have a barely credible Mexican appearance. And one must not forget about the signature handlebar sort of mustache. In case one wishes to go for somewhat unique, one may also go for a set of clothes that represents the Mexico‘s lucha libre which is a traditional type of wrestling which is common in Mexico. So as to dress similar to one among these great wrestlers, one has to put on a multi colored mask for covering one’s face which is a Mexican tradition. Spandex bottom wears along with a vest in matching colors will complete the costume. The costume’s mask is the unique selling proposition or USP of these sorts of outfits. It is used for the identifications of various wrestlers. Therefore, one must ensure to select the most excellent & an eye-catching one.

There are a lot of Mexican costume ideas for men therefore these were few suggestions about how one may get prepared for Mexican fiesta and choose the most appropriate costume for him in very less time. In case , one want to  go for an additional step ,one may go for some sort of tattoo art, which would  offer one with the complete Mexican look & along with feel of it.


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