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What is a Mariachi Costume?

Mariachi music is far more than just a tourist attraction or strip-mall novelty   It’s a rich cultural tradition from Mexico that comes with its own lineage of costumes and designs. Mariachi music is still hugely popular in Mexico and parts of Central America, and mariachi bands achieve levels of success reserved for pop stars […]

History of the Poncho in Hollywood

From the earliest days of live theater all the way to present block-busting successes, Hollywood has been in love with the Mexican poncho.  The special place of the poncho in Hollywood is due, no doubt, to California’s intertwined history with Mexico and the rich cultural melting pot that has given Hollywood its global appeal. Mexican […]

The Top Ten Clint Eastwood Western Movies

Clint Eastwood is an incredible actor and director     His career has spanned the gamut from WWII biopics to incredible dramas.  The roles that Eastwood is most famous for, however, are his western movies that he starred in during the 1960s and 1970s. Clint Eastwood is practically made for western movies, from his gruff […]

Camping or Hiking? Make sure you bring your Poncho!

There is simply nothing more refreshing than a brisk hike in nature, but camping and hiking comes with certain risks.   When you are participating in outdoor recreation, you need to be acutely aware of the conditions outside – since weather and unexpected storms can put a damper on your weekend fun.  When you are […]

The Top Three Mexican Wrestlers of All Time

Mexican wrestling is an entertaining sport that has captured the hearts and minds of people all across the world.   From its earliest days as a medley of Greco-Roman techniques to its current iteration as an entertainment platform on part with the WWE, Mexican wrestling has produced its share of super-start athletes and characters.  While […]

How to Tell a Good Poncho from a Bad Poncho

Like any high-value item, ponchos come in a wide range of qualities and types. Ponchos range from the ultra-high quality handmade Nepalese wool ponchos to the lower quality manufactured ponchos that are made from regular fabric, canvas, or cotton.  When you are looking for a poncho to complete your wardrobe, pay special attention to the […]

The Top Five Poncho-Making Countries

Some ponchos are rich with the cultural heritage of South America – a mixture of elements from traditional Aztec garb and Spanish conquistador uniforms.   There are many kinds of ponchos: Fleece poncho Hooded poncho and even a blanket poncho! Some ponchos are made in the mountains of Asia – carefully woven from wool produces […]

Why a Poncho is the Best Present for your Partner

If you’re in a serious relationship, you know just how important gift-giving can be to express your appreciation of your significant other.   Of course, gift-giving can also be a virtual minefield – since you have to guess what your partner might enjoy, and you are constantly trying to threat the needle between value and […]

The History of Mexican Wrestling Masks

Mexican wrestling is so different from its counterpart in the United States that it might as well be a completely different form of entertainment. While the two types of professional wrestling share a common origin, Mexican wrestling is far more athletic – and the wrestling style is almost comedic in its over-exaggeration and melodrama.  One […]

Mexican Costumes and “The Simpsons”

The Mexican costume, the poncho and sombrero in particular, are forever enshrined in the halls of popular culture fame. Virtually every long-running series of American television has utilized the Mexican costume in some way, usually to comedic effect.  In particular, the Simpsons has frequently clothed its main characters in Mexican costume items – Read more…