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Why Every Woman Should Own a Poncho

Style is a matter of personal taste But there are some classics that work well for any woman’s wardrobe. The trusty poncho is just such an item, and this article is all about why every woman should own a poncho.   From fringed festival-style to lightweight boho to luxurious womens poncho cape, the poncho comes […]

Where to buy the Clint Eastwood Poncho Costume in the USA

Where to buy Clint Eastwood Poncho Costume in the USA We are an Australian seller of quality hand made Mexican ponchos. One of our most popular items is our Clint Eastwood poncho, also known as the Man with no names poncho from Sergio Leone’s trilogy including The Good The Bad & The Ugly. Blondie or […]

Summer Music Festivals – Why You Need A Poncho

With summer fast arriving, there are a myriad of music festivals lined up. A few of these festivals which you are likely to attend will include the Rainbow Serpent Festival, Falls Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and the Strawberry Fields. Some of the essentials of attending a music festival in summer include a blanket, picnic […]

What Makes the Perfect Summer Poncho

 Summer is fast approaching The time for you to shed your heavy winter clothes and put those bikini bodies on display is here. In summer, you certainly cannot do without a high quality poncho, and here are some qualities that make the perfect summer poncho. Firstly, a summer poncho has to be lightweight. After all, […]

10 Famous People From Mexico to Dress Up As

There’s a big costume party coming up and you have no clue who to dress up as to the party? Fret not for here’s a list of 10 famous people from Mexico City that will inspire your next trend setting look! Who are some famous people from mexico? 1. Javier Hernandez A well known Mexican […]

Mexican – The Perfect Theme for Your Work Christmas Party

Christmas parties in the office don’t have to be boring and dreaded anymore Thanks to the evolution of such parties into theme parties. Here we have mexican christmas party ideas, and mexican christmas party games. This year, consider throwing a Mexican themed Christmas party! “No. More. Turkey.” We are all fearful of being put on turkey duty. Some […]

Halloween 2014 Ideas – Mexican Style

Halloween 2014 Ideas – Mexican Style Halloween in Mexico might not be a Mexican holiday by rights, but Mexican culture has numerous holidays and traditions that revolve around the concept of dark humor and costumes these are halloween traditions in Mexico. For example, the Mexicans have their own holiday dedicated to honoring their ancestors throug […]

Other Uses for your Cowboy Sombrero

Other Uses for your Mexican Sombrero Cowboy Hat So there you are, just back from your Spring Break trip to Mexico – and now the proud owner of a genuine Mexican sombrero.  Your cowboy sombrero is a great addition to any Mexican-themed costume, and a fantastic hat for keeping the sun out of your eyes… […]

The Origin of the Cowboy Bandana

The Origin of the Cowboy Bandana Have you ever seen a cowboy with bandana? While the cowboy hat and the poncho are hugely important parts of the Western wardrobe, the bandana is just as important – if a little bit smaller and less immediately noticeable. Bandanas are the ultimate in versatility. Cowboys could use them […]

Top Ten Western Characters of All Time

Top 10 Western Movie Characters of All Time Throughout the history of cinema, the Western movie has had a powerful appeal for people around the world. The American Western is a genre of itself – a movie that traditionally pits a rugged cowboy (often blurring the lines between hero and outlaw) against clear cut villains. […]