Why you should always keep a Poncho in your Office Desk Drawer

Why you should always keep a Poncho in your Office Desk Drawer

Go ahead and look through your desk drawer.  How many things in your desk are actually useful?

Discarded candy bars, orphaned business cards, even fingernail clippings – a lot of trash gets collected over time in the cavernous reaches of your desk.  What if you could put something in your desk drawer that would bring a smile to your face every time you came to the office?  A Mexican Poncho or mexican poncho hoodie is more than just a colorful clothing item, it is an instant party in your desk – whisking you away from the drudgery of your office life and bringing you to the festive atmosphere of the American Southwest.

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Emergency Clothing

Like a well-placed fire extinguisher, mexican ponchos can come in handy during a workplace emergency.  Accidentally spill chili on your brand new business suit?  Don’t be the guy that walks around the office with chili all over his chest, be the guy that changes into an awesome Mexican poncho at lunchtime.  Workplace stress has your hands shaking with nervousness?  Put on a Mexican poncho and stop worrying about spilling coffee on your shirt, and get back to worrying about the deadlines that your boss set for you.

Casual Clothes Friday

Is there anything worse than showing up to work on Friday in a newly pressed tuxedo, only to realize that the whole office looks dressed for a heavy-metal concert rather than a day in the cubicles?  Casual Friday should be a time to relax your impeccable standards of style and grooming, and nothing says “I’m REALLY relaxed” like a Mexican poncho.  Be the envy of everyone in your office with an authentic Mexican poncho – with bright colors and patterns with a mexican poncho blanket that will even put “Hawaiian-Shirt-Guy” to shame.

A Quick Disguise

You know the drill – it’s 4:59PM, and you’re about to make it out of the office on time, when your boss catches up to you with a “quick” extra assignment that will have you in the office until the late hours of the night.  Make your life easier with a Mexican poncho disguise. Just put your poncho on, and your boss will be wondering whereoffice-space-4 his employee went – as you calmly walk out the door to the nearest tequila bar.

Catching some ZZZzzzs

Sleeping at work is one of the greatest things in the world.  Not only are you getting valuable sleep time (which doctors claim is better for your health) but you also get paid for it!  Of course, some people don’t appreciate the value of a good office siesta.  These people, also known as managers, can be easily fooled with a Mexican poncho.  Just put your poncho on, lean a sombrero down over your eyes, and fall asleep in peace and quiet.  Anyone that walks by will HAVE to let you sleep, since siestas are clearly an integral part of your cultural heritage.

Keeping your Legs Warm

Your office might not be in Antarctica, but sometimes it feels like it.  It seems like landlords these days are doing everything they can to save money, so they turn the heat off way before people go home for the day.  On those days when your office feels like a winter wonderland, keep your Mexican poncho close and wrap up in the soft and insulating fabric of our authentic wool ponchos.