2014 Mexican Fiesta Theme Party Ideas

2014 Mexican Fiesta Theme Party Ideas


The Chinese calendar would have us believe that 2014 is the year of the horse.

Since traditionally there is no year of the donkey we figure this is as close as we will get and what do donkeys remind us of? That’s right Mexico!

Now that its the Australian summer and we are going to take a look at 2014 Mexican Fiesta Theme Party Ideas so that the hard work of planning your upcoming party is taken care of and you can sit back and enjoy your cerveza in the sun.

We are going to break the article down in to a few different segments; firstly we will take a look at how to decorate your party space so that people will feel like they are in Mexico, then we will take a look at costume ideas for your fiesta party and lastly a few extra lengths that you can go to, to really make your party one to remember.

Decorating your party space – Whether you are having your upcoming Mexican themed party at a hired bar/hall or at home the decorations are pretty much going to remain the same. Sure if you can book out a Taco Bell or Mexican themed bar then the hard work is probably already taken care of.


Here we can see a whole range of Mexican decorations for your party, ranging from chilli peppers on a string, serape style wall decorations, maracas, cactuses and salsas.

If you are on a budget we would recommend sourcing some colourful banners, inflatable cactuses, a piñata, mexican flag balloons (green, red & white) and possibly some sombreros scattered around the place. Of course you could go all out and look at filling the venue with sand, hiring some donkeys and getting a mariachi band to play there – its all up to you but generally most costume/party hire stores will have a good range of Mexican themed decorations and if not you can always source them from eBay in time for your party.

For the catering of your party we would recommend supplying some Mexican cerveza beers (corona, sol or the likes) as well as some Tequila, Margaritas and for food go with some mini burritos or tacos as well as doritos and salsa which is easy. To make it interesting why not find some really hot mexican salsas or sauces as well, they are great for party tricks and seeing who can really handle hot food. You can find a great range of ridiculously hot sauces over at Blair’s website here – we recommend the Mega Death Sauce.

Costume Ideas – The most important part of any dress-up  party is obviously the costumes and here at Mexican Poncho we have all sorts of costumes covered.


Whether you are after a taco costume, a gringo bandit costume, a three amigos costume or just the good old fashioned party favourite sombrero and poncho combo we have all sorts of costumes available at our online store here.

A few of the more interesting and unique costume ideas we have seen at parties include: Mexican janitor costume, Danny Trejo Machete costume, Desperado costume & a giant cactus costume. If you are just after something simple, versatile and that you can wear down the track to the cricket, music festivals and on winter nights we would recommend checking out or selection of authentic Mexican made ponchos and fancy sombreros.

Mexican Ponchos Worldwide Delivery







Lastly we will take a look at a few extra lengths you can go to to really make it a night to remember at your upcoming Fiesta party.

Music is crucial and although having Mexican music play all night is not ideal for some as they want to dance the night away to songs they know there is a few really good songs that you can mix in to the playlist to keep the theme alive and not clear out the dance floor. We would recommend listening and downloading some Ennio Morricone songs (you will probably be familiar with them from the Good the Bad and the Ugly movie) we would also recommend listening to some Mariachi El Bronx and music from the soundtracks of the desperado movies, django unchained and any other classic western movies. If you have access to a projector, why not just have some cowboy and indian or western movies playing in the background of your party.

We also found this list of the top 10 Mexican Fiesta party games here for you to take a look at – you obviously cannot go past having a piñata and you do not necessarily have to fill it lollies but can even fill it with small gifts or something funny. You can find piñatas at most party stores and even places like Big W sell them these days, just make sure that the stick you hit it with is not something too heavy like a cricket bat as it will not last long!

Now you are all set for your party/carnival, we hope that this article helped and that you have a great night and the sangria hangover is not too horrible the next day!